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A few more

I'm impressed! Lovely!!

Monstera, Schleffera, orchids, bromelia, is that a gardenia? I envy you! Those are all houseplants here. It's beautifil, Dominic!

Chris, Can you even imagine living in such a climate? 

O, I can't! I'm trying to get my skin used to a little sun, after a cold and overcast spring. Even in this country I get sunburnt in ten minutes and on top of that nettle rash from the light - sounds as if I'm one of those white insects living under a stone... Next month we go on a short holiday to Naples, Italy, and I'll probably be a sight for sunburn and rash.

Could you live in Florida, Joan?

Naples, Italy! Oh, you lucky person. I love Italy. And the sea is so pretty. Do you have a special place that you visit frequently? I look forward to learning abut your adventure.

I do live in Florida but am definitely misplaced.  My ancestors came from the Baltic Sea and they should have left me there.  I cannot get in the sun for even 5 minutes without disastrous results.  I do like our Florida winters but even then I have to be careful.

Another white Northener! In Florida you really have to take care of your skin!

This is paradise! Shangri-La! Elysian Fields, Xanadu! And you have chickens! and guinea hens! Dogs and cats and ... How lovely. I like your design  

Chris, I love the plants that grow in Florida and the beautiful flowers. However, I love the four seasons, having some elevations, 2,000 + and on the dry part of the state, so we don't get the coastal dampness and rain. We get about 16" of precipitation a year so it is semi-arid land. Lots of sagebrush, pines in the country, and in town a virtual forest of urban trees. Seattle gets 38" of precipitation a year. We grow wheat in the country and lentils.


Dominic- your plants look beautiful!  After seeing your photos I had to run outside to check on my gardenia... no blooms yet, but it has plenty of buds.  How impressive to have so many orchids blooming.  Thanks so much for sharing.


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