Despite some neglect this summer, there is always something blooming. Here are some shots from our yard. What's blooming in yours?

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Absolutely Gorgeous, Daniel!

Here are a few of my own...

beautiful flowers. i love them all!
That is some blue!
I feel the same way. In some ways I enjoy getting ready to garden, as much or more than the real thing! Here, I am already getting into thinking about planting bulbs so that there will be lots of narcissus and tulips blooming. Looking at the catalog so that I can pre-order couple of fruit trees to be planted in February! Also like Xmas, since I mail-ordered the bulbs, I can't wait to get the package in the mail and open it up to see what's inside!
What kind of roses are those? They look like an old-fashioned variety that might actually smell like a rose.
White clover is blooming in the yard, as well as moneywort and self-heal. Johnny-Jump-Ups and Hemerocallis fulva (Ditch daylily around here), as well as the wild parsnip, which I intend to yank up and dispose of properly before it goes to seed.

Wild parsnip is yet another exotic invasive that is getting out of hand. Moneywort is also not native, and can be invasive in some areas, but at least it doesn't burn your skin.
With the recent heatwave, most of our lilies are fried. This one was in the shade, and escaped the worst of it. The rose of sharon keeps blooming and blooming, even in the heat. I don't water the roses much in the summer, just enough to stay alive. The down side is that they don't bloom much. The up side is that they don't get blackspot and mildew.

Wow, you people have some gorgeous flowers! We didn't plant anything last year, and I didn't want to go flowerless again this year so I talked my dad into getting some cheap pony packs for our flowerbeds. We got petunias, snapdragons and red verbena. The petunias are growing like crazy and look very pretty, I have to say. I enjoyed planting them and watching them grow--I've never really done any gardening before and my dad has been a good teacher.
Petunias are great - old fashioned but reliable and prolific. I thought about getting some verbenas this year, but time got away from me. I'm glad you are enjoying your flowers!




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