Last year i ordered several nice varieties of canas from ebay.  I am nuts for variegation and huge leaves, so these plants had both in one.  I had three varieties. They grew beautifully, but did not return this spring.  Not only did we have a mild winter, even a cold winter in Florida won't kill them.  We don't have to dig them up here.

In a discussion with a friend, she mentioned that the squirrels ate all of her canas.  I have seen that happen with caladiums, but I didn't know they would eat canas.

I'm going to have to order them all over again and put screen over them so that the plants grow up through the wire, but the roots will be protected.

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Sorry about your Canas. :(

Since I moved to this squirrely town, my opinion of the critters has gone from "cute" to "nasty pest".  My main complaint is strawberry eating.  I built a squirrel-proof enclosure over one patch, but opening it and crawling in to harvest every day got tiresome quickly.  So far, that's the only thing I've found that deters them.

Could be voles eating your canas. They like tubers like beets, carrots, and especially sweet potatoes (not regular, for some reason). Just a thought.

That's possible Randall.  I did also lose some dwarf varieties in a pot.  So it could be a combination.  I think I'm going to have to plant new canas in pots, with wire mesh that allows the stems to grow through, but keeps the critters out.




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