"Nine months after Patty Silva-Hicks tore out her front lawn to plant fruit trees and produce, she shows us how her garden grows. She's eating her yard (cherries, plums, avocado and chard), but it's also surprisingly attractive with touches like lettuce and pepper hedgerows." 

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What a beautiful project!

Chris, Your roof garden offers an excellent example of how to use such space. I would love to see you show it off. 

:-D  Special show for you then:

this year's harvest was wonderful! I got a lot of herbs, like parsley, chives and rosemary and enough garlic for the next few months. Beans were not really abundant; I harvested ONE (1) horsebean, 50 grams of green peas and 60 grams of marrowfat peas. Three tomatoes that refused to turn red, not even after weeks on the window sill. Two celeriacplants survived, but the roots were as big as peas. Carrots disappeared and beetroots refused to develop roots. Snails swarmed like mad - I bought some snailscares for next year. But all in all, I had great fun and learnt a lot. I didn't manage to give away some plants - I wanted to do so to make room for veg - the neighbours are scared of plants, I think. And I'm already thinking of my plans for next year. Still calm autumnweather, with temperatures over 12°, ideal for planting more garlic. Now off to collect Auntie from the old peoples home. Have a nice day!

Chris, a beautiful roof garden and one that deserves attention. Your harvest may be small, but with time and experience, I think you will find more production. I am becoming convinced that plants need more nutrients than I have been giving them ... the organic kind, i.e. compost that one makes oneself or from the nursery, barnyard green or brown manure, or natural mineral sands in correct proportions, or fish or seaweed solutions even if they do stink. I am experimenting now in my garden window. Your birdbath is very pretty. 

I hope your time with your auntie brings you both pleasure.  

Me too on. the plant nutrients. I thimk it takes sveral years to build up sn ideal soil.

I love the roof gRden too. It looks so private. container gardening gives a lot of options for what goes into the soil, and things to grow. For me, strawberries, garlic, garlic chives, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers all do better in containers. Also a lot of hetbs and flowers.

For me, strawberries, garlic, garlic chives, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers all do better in containers.

I'll remember that list! Thanks!

I love that people are planting they yards with food and flowers.

There is a real science to growing productive produce. For example I have one part of my garden that likes acidic soils and I maintain that by testing with cheap tests one can find in garden supply stores. Originally, I took soil samples to our college Extension Service for testing. Once my soil tested acidic, it is a challenge to keep it stable. This chart from Washington State University Extension Service, an agriculture college, gives a clear overview of soil pH and the plants for each. Soil pH and plants are universal.


When I lived in Alaska, the Natives there helped me build up the soil where I gardened so I could get good production. We knew I would only be there for two years so we had to change the soil nutrients the first year; I had far better production the second year. We used seaweed and fish entrails to bring up the baseline nutrition. The Natives grew their gardens in soil that had been maintained for centuries, my ground was tundra, with water leaching through the soil carrying nutrients away. My ground would grow nothing but moss and spruce. The Natives grew 40 pound cabbages; my second season I had a 20 pound cabbage.
Daniel, that gives me an idea, I can grow strawberries, garlic, garlic chives, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers" "herbs and flowers" vertically in containers. My little 50' x 185' lot has very few open spaces left ... so grow vertically! Brilliant! Thanks Daniel.




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