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Comment by Patricia 15 hours ago

Sounds good Randy, they should be able to make a good living by the way things are going.

Comment by Idaho Spud 17 hours ago

Randy, will they be selling cannabis, hemp for other uses, or both?

Comment by Randall Smith 21 hours ago

My daughter and SIL are one of three "farmers" that can now legally grow hemp in Indiana. That could potentially be HUGE! We're pretty excited about the future. A new page is on the horizon. Details later.

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner yesterday

Australia's record breaking heat wave is not only killing millions of fish, and causing bats to fall out of trees, it's making stone fruit cook on the tree.

... stone fruits like peaches and nectarines are starting to cook from the inside, with devastating impacts for farmers.

"The stone burns them, which means they burn on the inside, they become squashy and you can't use them," ...

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Bakes Australia

That's mind-boggling.

Comment by Joan Denoo on Monday

Permaculture in U.S. and Sweden, a nice combination; kind of like brain-candy for me!

Comment by Randall Smith on Monday

It'll be awhile before I can look for an apple tree to replace my yellow transparent  that split and fell a couple of weeks ago. It had rotted out anyway and needed to be cut down. So now, the decision is to be made as to what to replace it with.

Unless I order something on line, there aren't many choices from nurseries around here. I'll check out your new tree, Daniel.

Comment by Loam Gnome on Monday

Today I planted the first of my new batch of fruit trees.  In the maritime pacific NW, this has been a very mild winter so far.  The nursery sent the bare root this week, so I wanted to get it into the ground as soon as possible.

This tree is a new type of red flesh apple, developed in Europe (In think it was Switzerland) by crossing red flesh crabapples with good dessert apples.  The results were red flesh apples with new flavor notes - some said berry type flavors, disease resistant and fun to look at and eat. 

The following is a web link to the burpee description, although I bought mine from one green world nursery.

I had decided no more fruit trees.  I think that was partly some depression because of my limitations.  Instead, I keep thinking of places to plant new trees that either replace ones that did not do well, or are in protected spots that will not need much care, I hope.  This was one.  I'm also expecting some unusual persimmons, with flavors like coffee cake, or chocolate (the cultivar names reflect that , "Coffee cake Persimmon" and "Chocolate Persimmon"), some new disease resistant columnar apple trees developed in Europe, and some jujube trees.

Comment by Joan Denoo on Sunday

Depleted soils, droughts, out of control rains and flooding, erosion, mismanagement of water, all pile up creating the end of farming. Abandoned farms yield no nutrition. Two men recognized that farming practices had to change if all these challenges were to be overcome. What they did, although controversial, worked. They caused the sequestration of water supply in the soil, they managed run-off of water, they repaired water channeling, they planted willows and rushes, fighting government regulation in the process. This story gives inspiration to hopeless people. 

Comment by Joan Denoo on Sunday

Creativity, from garden to mealtime, this vlogger brings the arts and sciences together to make life interesting and productive. 

Comment by Randall Smith on Saturday

Daniel, I don't grow much in the winter, although I have chia seed sprouts growing in my basement. Like you, another experiment. I don't know how they'll taste. I use a fluorescent light. Good luck with your investment! I need to read your garden blog now.


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