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Comment by Daniel W on Sunday

I'm not up tor conflict lately.  There was a time when I was.  I used to have a T-shirt wth the ape Cesar from Planet of The Apes, dressed like Che Guevarra, and the logo "Viva evolution" but it was kind of scratchy cotton.  Recently it went to Goodwill.

Harvest today, more sweef corn, beans, and another hefty turnip.  Not pretty but inside it is really good.  Sweet, even.

Not from my garden, but I drove past a farm stand and wound up buying a pound of chanterreles.  Wow, those were so delicious!  Just sauteed with garlic.

Comment by Randall Smith on Saturday

Kathy, I'm often tempted to buy and wear an "atheist" t-shirt, but have yet to succumb. Advertising my disbelief, or poking fun at Christians (like in your slogan), is just not something that makes me proud. So my vote is thumbs down.

As for my sweet potatoes, this variety--and don't ask me what it is--has been excellent is several ways. The tubers don't branch out making it easier to dig. The potatoes are fairly uniform in size. In the past, I've had "footballs"! And either the voles haven't discovered them, or they don't taste good. Usually a third of my crop is eaten by voles.

Comment by kathy: ky on Saturday
I've found a new t-shirt I want but I think it may be very offensive to the people I have to associate with. The slogan on the front.

but I forgot to punch holes
in the lid of the jar.

Does anyone think it's too much??? Opinions please : )
Comment by kathy: ky on Saturday
Randy, I've never seen sweet potatoes hold together like that. Impressive.

Daniel, a huge pile of wood chips would make any gardner happy I'm sure. To be able to use them at your own pace and not have to be concerned about running out of them would make me happy. And having them on hand allows for deciding where you can lay them thicker. I always hated having to pick up a few bags and then try to get them to stretch as far as I needed them before having to run out to get more.
Spud, I'm with you on having less patience for religious garbage as I age.
Comment by Daniel W on Friday

Spud, I use the free download program Picassa.  It's very easy once you get the hang of it.  I use it to straighten, crop, sometimes improve contrast, and sometimes add text.

Spread a truckload of tree chips, now done with that for the day.  Another load tomorrow, weather petmitting.

Randy those are impressive sweet potatoes!  I made two unsuccessful attempts to grow them here.  Would like to.

Comment by Idaho Spud on Friday

Daniel, what a great idea, labeling where you planted things in a photo.  I'm going to try that.  Don't yet know how to put words on a photo, but will try to figure it out.

Comment by Idaho Spud on Friday

Kathy, too bad about your rain troubles.

Comment by Idaho Spud on Friday

Bertold, you're right.  It's just a humorous mistake.

Daniel, I can understand you being pleased with your tree chip bonanza.  I sure am with my piles.  I've not spread them all yet, but I have enough to cover everything and last for many years.

Randy, that is indeed a gorgeous bunch of sweet potatoes! 

If I were to visit China, my preferred places to visit would be close to yours.  I don't think I would visit any temples.  The older I get, the more supernatural BS irritates me and makes me sad.

Comment by Randall Smith on Friday

Joan and Daniel: True--I'm looking forward to seeing greenery in parks, gardens, fields, etc., while in China. Most of my "free time" will be spent walking through parks. Museums and temples are important, but really not my cup of tea. I'm just a "nature boy" at heart. (One of my favorite songs, by the way.)

Started digging up sweet potatoes yest. Here's a gorgeous bunch from one hill!

Comment by Daniel W on October 12, 2017 at 11:29pm

Kathy Im sorry about the rainstorm losses.  Makes me already wish for the Spring flowers.

We are in agreement about not feeling like another dog.  I want to cry every time I look at Charlie struggle to stand up.

For some reason Im just really pleased to have a big pile of tree chips to spread.

It will take a week to get them all spread.  The first areas gave me some satisfaction.

Some flowers blooming.  I moved the flower box under the eaves to let it dry out for the winter.


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