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Comment by Joan Denoo on August 1, 2016 at 5:15pm

I ran across an article on sweet corn and I don't remember on which wall to post it, so here it is:

Sweet Corn Types – What’s the difference?

Abbreviations in the product descriptions: (su), (se), (se+), (syn), (sh2), & (SSW).


10 Golden Rules for Growing Super Sweet Corn

My goodness, I didn't learn all this in Aggie School in 1955-56.

Jeeze! that was 50 years ago. How did I get so old so fast? 

Comment by Joan Denoo on August 1, 2016 at 5:03pm

Spud, you are right, I called it "sheet" grass. Now we know its name and reasons to get rid of it. I wonder if my vinegar will do the trick, just plain old apple cider vinegar. I remember it as impossible to get out of my socks before laundry because the prickly seeds would get loose from the socks and get in my clothes, hiding and waiting to cause me pain and embarrassment when it got into my underclothes.   

Comment by Idaho Spud on August 1, 2016 at 3:56pm

Yes Joan, I just found out how harmful foxtail can be for dogs.  When I was posting about the subject, I forgot what it was called, so I started using Google to find-out.  I read several posts about what they could do to dogs, including your first link .  Horrible!  I had to stop looking at the pictures.

Your second link had alternate names for foxtail and it had one name that I remember from my youth.   We called it Cheat Grass.  For the longest time I thought it was called Cheap Grass. :)

Comment by Joan Denoo on August 1, 2016 at 3:13pm

Randy and Spud, I have neglected my garden for three years, and it is a jungle, beautiful, full of surprises, little room for weeds and what do grow are giants. I have no intention of doing any gardening while it is so hot and I am so old. I used to get up at first light and weed my garden. Today I slept until 10 AM. Retirement is so much fun! Getting old has some advantages!

Kathy,  rain, "4.5" in 45 minutes". This must qualify for Noah's Ark. Ken Ham built his in the wrong place. 

Daniel, the Coast, at least where I gardened in Seattle while Don attended dental school, and at Madigan General Hospital near Tacoma, I had gardens with the biggest, slimiest, voracious slugs I have ever seen. There was no comparison in my gardens in Alaska, Washington, DC, West Texas or central Texas. The huge problems in Alaska and WA DC were mosquitoes. The option of dealing with the spraying guy using Roundup up cigarettes sounds like it might work. I like your idea of living mulch.

Comment by Joan Denoo on August 1, 2016 at 2:47pm

Spud, those are nasty seeds. Terrible for animals. 

Foxtail grass can kill your dog

Watch out for killer Foxtail Grass

Comment by Idaho Spud on August 1, 2016 at 1:10pm

Nasty things!

Comment by Idaho Spud on August 1, 2016 at 1:07pm

Daniel, pleased is the word.  I've let most of the weeds go to seed, so I'll have to hoe them when the seeds pop-up, but at least I've been keeping the foxtail grass from going to seed this year.  I let them drop seeds years ago and I've been fighting those plants for several years now. 

Comment by Daniel W on August 1, 2016 at 12:35pm

Spud, I really like when I clear out old vegetables or weeds and see the result.  You must be pleased.

Comment by Daniel W on August 1, 2016 at 12:32pm

Randy, I shouldn't be so negative.  My proximal neighbors are nice, although they do worship at the altar of the Roundup god.  A couple of the others on the private road have spoken and not said anything bad.  The ones who replaced the ones who moved to Minnesota seem nice and they do have raised beds for vegetables.  Maybe with time they can see the benefits of someone growing trees and fruits and vegetables and flowers and avoiding pesticides.  Who knows? 

As for the Roundup Nazi, Ning says he is smoking cigarettes every time he drives by, so maybe he will get lung cancer and die soon (Ning's words).   I would like to make a peace offering to him, maybe a couple of cartons of unfiltered Camels.  Sprayed with Roundup.  :-)

By the way, there are proponents of "living mulch" who say that vines and other plants shade the soil, which improves the soil bacterial and fungal life while keeping down weeds.  In the Northwest, mulches can be negative - they foster growth of slugs the size of school buses, for one thing.  But I do mulch around the fruit trees and in the flower border.  Currently, borage has grown and flopped all over some areas, and that keeps weeds down to a minimum there and feeds the honeybees.  They love borage.

Kathy, maybe you are developing a Mediterranian climate like mine.   It can be nice.  For one thing, around here if you don't water, the lawn goes dormant for the summer and you don't have to mow.

Planted seeds for fall harvest:

Chinese radishes - mild, crunchy, grow the size of turnips.

Turnips - old seed packets.

Chinese cabbages, old seeds might not grow.

Regular radishes - old seed packets.

Kohlrabi - mostly old packets..

Carrots - old packets.

Cilantro - seeds saved from last summer.

Basil - old packets.

Lettuce - old packets.

Most of these have germinated.  They germinate fast in summer heat, but need twice daily water shower so tiny seedlings dont dry out.  This is potentially a big harvest of good, unusual, and no-cost or low-cost vegetables for this fall and winter.

Comment by Idaho Spud on August 1, 2016 at 12:30pm

I've been a lazy gardener this year.  For one thing, I let the weeds in the back garden and alley garden get humongous.  Today, I pulled them all out of the back garden.

My legs were sore for a while after that project, but it looks so nice back there now.


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