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If you like to dig in the dirt, grow flowers, putter around the yard, dig in the kitchen garden, raise backyard hens, or just like daydreaming about the garden, this is the place.

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Comment by Daniel W on November 8, 2014 at 12:38pm

Chris, I hope you will have more time for your rooftop garden next year!  It is so peaceful ans soothing to putter in one's garden.

Comment by Plinius on November 8, 2014 at 10:10am

Roof garden: this pic is from August 2013. Today it's a sorry sight, with dead plants, weeds and broken containers, but I hope to start again in spring.

Care homes are generally not as good as Aunt's - we were very lucky there. Here are also homes where the old people lead the vegetable life for want of love and attention. Was that in "Awakenings" where someone said:"Here is our garden." pointing to a room full of comatose people...

Comment by Barbara Livingston on November 8, 2014 at 8:10am

Randall, Thanks for book information, my library has the book and I just put it on hold - and Amazon has some used ones too! 

Chris, do you have pics of your roof garden? Re care homes in Netherlands - they definitely sound much nicer than many here in the U.S.

Bertold, your Hosta still look fine, you haven't had frost yet, right? I read recently that we shouldn't cut anything back until the first killing frost - as the plant's energy is still above ground and doesn't go down to the roots until after the frost. It was completely new information to me and I have no idea if it is accurate.  


Comment by Randall Smith on November 8, 2014 at 7:21am

I just finished going through a gardening book, Groundbreaking Food Gardens, where different gardeners elaborated on their techiques. 73 plans were mentioned--every type of garden from patio to rooftops to hot-dog, pizza, garlic, Southern, urban, beer, etc., etc. I'd love to name all 73. Each description includes how and what is grown. It's all pretty crazy, most of which didn't apply to me, but still interesting and informative. I did come away with several ideas. It was more fun-reading than anything. (Editor, Niki Jabbour)

Comment by Plinius on November 8, 2014 at 5:07am

Thanks, Joan, you're so kind! But the responsibility for Auntie and brother-in-law will go on of course as they can no longer be responsible for themselves. The heaviest work is done by now, from now on it's the daily organizing; buying clothes etc., calling and e-mailing with the care homes, organizing trips to hospitals etc., administration and weekly visiting one of our patients. This week I'm working at Aunt's holiday; she's so lucky that her care home has got a holiday house in Spain and she's not yet too far gone, so she gets a week's holiday there!

Comment by Joan Denoo on November 8, 2014 at 2:15am

Chris, I was thinking of you when I watched that video. I was able to pull out so many ideas from these various permaculture gardeners. There are several others that I want to share and if I send them too fast, people won't be able to watch them. You may have noticed that I sent playlists on a few of my recent posts. That way, you can watch more of people who have caught my attention.

I hope by summer, you will be relieved of responsibility for others. You need a good, long vacation, and I am sure your husband would be refreshed by one as well. You carried a heavy load.   

Comment by Plinius on November 8, 2014 at 1:31am

Thanks for the urban permaculture link, Joan! I do hope I can go back to my roof garden next season! As it is, I'm still busy doing chores that are overdue half a year.

Comment by Daniel W on November 7, 2014 at 6:27pm
Bertold, Your hosta looks better than mine! Very nice! I'm pleased at the moment, bulbs are planted and tucked in. Other winter prep is winding down. It's a nice feeling.

I gotta look at that link tonite. I have minidwarf apples which are nice but kind of delicate and dont bear a lot. If I can do the same with pruning, it's worth checking.
Comment by Barbara Livingston on November 7, 2014 at 4:50pm

Thanks for the Geoff Lawton link  http://www.geofflawton.com/fe/33812-urban-permaculture

 I had never heard of him before and could not believe my eyes.  All of those food producing plants in 640 sq. ft. - and all this time I thought my 2400 sq. ft. was small.  Amazingly he has 30 fruit trees and here I am dithering about where I'm going to put the three that I want to buy. *face palm*  Imagine three apple trees all bearing fruit at different times, all standard trees but pruned to a height he can reach - and then he has other fruit trees - in a tiny urban back yard no less - and in four years time. 

I'm afraid I'm going to have to go to site and view at least once a day until January planting time arrives!!!!  

You are also are right about conforming to hopelessness. I've felt bummed with the election results and feeling that way won't change a thing - working towards sustainability will.

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on November 7, 2014 at 4:49pm

Hate so say goodbye to the hosta, but it'll be sprouting again in the blink of an eye.


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