OK so I'm only part Hawaiian... the good parts brah! I was a first TAMer as they call us. I had gone for three reasons although there were many featured speakers including Bill Nye (now CIA super secret agent man), Neil deGrasse Tyson (works for NASA... unless they laid HIM off?) and the famous molested pod-caster Rebecca Watson (a joke for gods sake). I wanted to visit my foster dad and mentor the Amazing Randi, attend the Doughnut and Bacon Party by Penn Gillette and meet Richard Dawkins. I wasn't able to meet Dawkins but luck prevailed in the rest of my mission. I'm covering the event here http://www.atheistnexus.org/forum/topics/tam-9-coverage-by-sf-zeigler 

This group "Godless of Hawaii" seems to be almost DEAD! Are there any active Atheists out there... here in Hawaii... on Oahu? Has anyone else from Hawaii attended TAM 9? Any TAMs from the past? Have any Hawaiian Atheists moved on to another network? Which one(s)?


aloha, -Z

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