Think about this for a moment Hitler Came to power on an idea of change for Germany and how he will save them all and bring righteous justice to those who don’t think otherwise. Hitler tried to take over the world but fortunely we as united nations destroyed his empire. now just think about this in a more biblical sense. God and Hitler aren’t all that different. They both stand for some sort of prestige high estragon that persecutes those who don’t belong and unlike Hitler. God has a stranglehold on the world. Now only if we can unite together again as reasonable thing and rationalist and drive out this power that has been controlling us for centuries.


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i agree 100% i think the same thing and once one of us makes the move then that's when the others will follow and take down this tyranny and finally have a rationalized world
thank you .i hate to think of a world ruled by any one person
well think about it like this. hitler had a theroy a mind set on how the world should be and no matter what happened he would find his way of life the truth the same thing with the who "god" theory some people belive in it so hard they do not think that there is any other truth. and i use hitler as a example to show what this dangerous thinking can bring
religious people really think god is real, just like how hitler thought he was the missiah for blonde haired and blue eyed people (all the while having brown hair and green eyes)

they both bring about destructive forces through their ideologies.

i also think hypnotism also has a part to play in why people are drawn to follow beliefs, be it religious or racial.
Se that's what I'm getting at...the human mind is a powerful thing and be it for a people to believe in something (no matter real or not) that thing becomes reality for them that's why i call myself a Freethinker because i don't cling to such fall backs as political leaders or religion. there are some who say that Hitlers reign was a sign of god. but of course that's false . but the Point of the whole discussion is to see the connection between the 2 because people believed in them enough.

thank you everyone for their comments
Bringing Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, or Genghis Khan into the mix will simply turn more people away. We will be the extremists, people compared Bush to Hitler, Obama to Stalin none of these is any where close to accurate! And when it pours forth most just shut the spewer off.
But I like the fact that your brain is working overtime, so keep on and we will ultimately defeat superstition and myth in favor of the scientific method. With a little refinement your argument about fanatical belief is very sound, in my opinion.



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