The Constitution of the State of Mississippi discriminates against atheists by explicitly stating that we are disqualified from holding office.
No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in this state.

SOURCES: 1817 art VI §6; 1832 art VII §5; 1869 art XII §3.
Mississippi is not the only state engaging in this form of discrimination, but we are one of a shrinking number.

Does YOUR State do the same?

Credit: Atheist revolution, Mississippi Athiests

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Would the FSM count?
My state (North Carolina) has that is it's constitution too, but according to the Supreme Court in it's ruling (Torcaso v Watkins) it doesn't matter because a state cannot bar any citizen from running for office. According to this case if an atheist wants to run for office the state has no choice to allow it even if the state constitution explicitly prohibits it because it's a violation of the citizens civil rights and is therefore enforceable.
oops, yeah I meant unenforceable.

What are you... an English teacher? lol



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