While I've been a member of this group for a while, I haven't owned and firearms since the 1990s.  I had lost my best friend in an accident, and I didn't like the draconian sound of the new laws.  If I had kept my firearms, and re-newed my FAC into a PAL, I would be licensed for prohibited, instead of just restricted and non-restricted.  This summer I got my PAL, and a few firearms.

I'm a hobby machinist, and have been making a few parts for my guns, but there are parts I'm having problems getting.  Every one tells me to go to Brownells, but they are restricted on out of US sales to $100!  What the fuck can you buy for less!  So, I'm asking if others have had similar problems, and does any one know of any good Canadian, or less restrictive American, sites for parts, tools, etc.

As well, does anyone have any stories relating to the Canadian laws?  Here's one that most don't know about - a Canadian, with a grandfathered PAL for full auto firearms can not buy a gun that was manufactured as a full auto, if it was converted to semi-auto.  They can buy it full auto, or one manufactured semi-auto, but not converted to semi!  Is that stupid or what!   My favorite pet pev though, is the 5 round restriction for center fire rifles.  My SKS, a Russian one, built in 1952, with a built in clip, is restricted to only 5 rounds - WTF!!  We need to get the MP to change the law to 10 rounds, so that old rifles, like the SKS, Enfields, Springfields, etc., that were made with 10 round clips don't have to be marred by rivets or welded blocks.

 Lastly, I invite any Americans interested to join in on this.


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I found a link on an American site that explained why it is so hard for us to get parts from the US. While I seem to have lost, or misplaced that link, the gist of it was that the US State department requires any parts manufacturer/distributer that wishes to export be licensed, basically the same as if they were exporting military weapons (like missiles, tanks, etc.), and pay an outrageous licensing fee, even if it's only a hunting rifle trigger.

I do shop at every local gun show, and find some of the oddest things, but I'm going to have to mostly make my own.




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