Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is now pushing hard for Congress to destroy gun shows across the country. Here is what is in store for America if Bloomberg gets his way in Congress:

* Details of the sale, such as the type of gun, the serial number, and any other information the Attorney General may want must be provided for guns sold by private sellers.

* Any person selling a gun, be it just walking around with a gun, or having purchased a table to sell a gun, must be registered with the gun show at least 30 days before the show and the gun show must provide personal information about each private seller to the Attorney General.

* Private sellers must show photo ID to the gun show operator and sign a log book with personal information.

* The feds will now have true gun registration information in a database — goodbye freedom.

* If you make a mistake in all of this, you can get up to 5 years in prison. The gun show operator also can be put in prison for paperwork mistakes.

* Gun show operators will have to register with the U.S. Attorney General.

* The Attorney General can make up regulations at will for controlling gun show operators.

* The Attorney General can charge a fee, no limit set, for a gun show operator license.

* Gun shows must get permission from the Attorney General 30 days in advance of any show to be able to have a show.

* All sales must go the the National Instant Check System.

A barrage of ads and commercials is starting immediately, attempting to push Congress to pass this legislation.

The full bill can be seen here.

Senators and Representatives are coming under pressure to support the gun control measure by the usual suspects. It is critical that they hear
from us as soon as possible.

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I agree we need to respond but do keep in mind that gun control has become something of a third rail issue with the Democraps and with the butt kick'n they're expecting in November I can't imagine any of them with a lick of sense in his/her head giving this more than a nod.

Is that really necessary?


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