What are your favorite gun-specific forums? I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could share our favorite forums and websites.

I'm new to this, but I just found The Firing Line, and it seems worthwhile.

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In our household, we read and sometimes contribute to The Firing Line. Also

The High Road (Oleg Volk's forums, probably my favorite general/overall forum)

Gun Websites
World Guns

On the issues related to carrying:

Carry Concealed
Open Carry

I like Kathy Jackson's thoughtful and informed Cornered Cat, which has a lot of information for women shooters. I recommend it to new shooters as well. For women considering self-protection from stalkers, etc., there's AWARE. And sometimes I find good stuff on Second Amendment Sisters.

Mas Ayoob teaches at Firearms Academy of Seattle, and also writes for some back-to-the-land online journal whose name is escaping me. I respect Mas, but he has that religious bias that leaves me feeling uneasy (I am obviously not one of the Elect in his mind, and probably part of the problem?).

Also, Mosin-Nagant sites including:

Mosin Nagant

In my experience many gun forums have a huge noise-to-signal ratio. But often I've gotten good answers to some questions on the majority of the above.

On the racist roots of gun control, this essay and of course Kenn Blanchard's Black Man with a Gun.

Don't overlook YouTube (search on the arm/ammo/topic).

There's more...but I'll stop now. :D



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