I'm on the mailing list for the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and received the following alert, which I found rather amusing:

Dale, who owns Dales Guns, and I were interviewed by Mary Murphy with
WPIX TV in New York. Mary drove to Virginia to do the interviews
about a gun that was sold by Dale to a young Virginia woman, was
subsequently stolen, and then used in a gun fight with police in Times
Square last week. The only person shot was the perp, who was killed.

Originally the media was saying that the gun the perp used was a
machine gun, but, as usual when it comes to guns, the press got it
wrong. Dale set them straight on that and reminded the reporter that
the gun was STOLEN and all gun laws go out the window when that happens.

This was Dale's first interview and Mary caught him off guard as he
didn't know she was even coming down, but he did a great job. I, at
least, had a day's warning.

Most of my interview was left on the cutting room floor, like the part
where I said that if Bloomberg would keep his criminals and illegal
drugs in New York, then that gun wouldn't have made its way into Times
Square. I said that Bloomberg's attack on Virginia law over this
theft is much to do about nothing, as it is already illegal to steal a
gun here.

Bloomberg was all worked up because the perp had some business cards
of Virginia gun dealers in his pocket when he was killed. I wonder if
Bloomberg would have been investigating himself if the perp happened
to have one of Bloomberg's business cards on him. It's not like you
need a background check to pick up a business card off a table. The
business cards could also have been with the gun when it was stolen.

Dale's interview is in Part 1 and mine is in Part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

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I just amazes me that the gun is always to blame.

I wonder how much support I will get in my campaign to ban cars as 10's of thousands of innocent people are needlessly killed but them every year.
Yeah, and the stupid attitude of the reporter, which basically comes off as, "You sold the gun! You knew it would get stolen! Therefore, you're just as guilty!"


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