No Guns for Negroes Part One


This film exposes the racist history of American gun control laws.
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In a way this doesn't shock me at all, seems that "The Land Of The Brave" has more cowardice than not. Those who wrong others are always fearful of those which they have wronged, and they should be afraid too... hate only breeds hate/anger and nothing strikes more fear in the heart of a racist person than seeing one who they deem "inferior" with a fire arm AND knowing how to use it properly. This helps support my theory that humans WILL make the same mistakes due to a personal choice to be uneducated or due to their own fears.

PS TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS: Don't watch Fox News, their just the television form of common gossip magazines who only care about headlines even if it isn't "news" - who says White/Mexican/Asian people can't go just as "crazy" with a 9MM Semi-Automatic handgun on their block? Anyone could do anything at anytime but, Fox has a hard on for African Americans. XD


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