This morning, I received an email from regarding a bill to be considered by the US Senate, which will supposedly make it easier for convicted criminals to obtain concealed weapons permits. I wanted to see what other atheists (and I assume skeptics) would think of this, so here is the text of the aforementioned email:

Here's what some Senators envision for Pennsylvania — loaded guns hidden from view being carried almost anywhere. In your grocery store, your child's playground, your neighborhood restaurant.

And these loaded, concealed weapons could be carried by almost anyone, even if state law prohibits them from carrying concealed weapons. Who will these Senators allow to carry guns in Pennsylvania? Alcohol abusers, criminals who have been convicted of impersonating a police officer, and people convicted of other offenses would be allowed to carry a concealed weapon if these radical Senators have their way.

Click here to say no to this madness:

The U.S. Senate is poised to consider a bill (S. 845) that will make it incredibly easy to obtain a permit to carry a concealed gun almost anywhere in the country. The vote could come as early as this Wednesday.

S. 845 will bring a "lowest common denominator" standard to the issue of where and how you can obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm in your state. The end result will be the Federal government imposing its will over the will of individual states and local communities, many of which have drafted and passed careful rules and regulations concerning the concealed carry permit process.

This terrible piece of legislation may be brought up in the Senate at any time now, so there's no time to delay if you want your voice to be heard. Click here to write to Senators Casey and Specter and urge them to VOTE NO on S. 845. [link removed]

It will only take a minute. You can use our sample letter or write your own by clicking here now. [link removed]

Pennsylvania has crafted common sense laws that respect the rights of gun owners, but place reasonable restrictions on allowing criminals to carry concealed weapons. Don't let Congress overturn our laws designed to protect our citizens. Act now.

Michael Morrill
Executive Director
Keystone Progress

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The following quote on this matter from Senator James Webb (D-VA) is yet another reason why I am glad to have voted for him:

"The reality of that particular situation is the gang members already have their guns. . . . The people who need this bill are the ones that the gang members might be threatening."
Spot on, but change "this bill" to "their guns" and it more closely addresses the reality of the situation.




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