In case anyone else here is in VA, here are a series of emails to send to your Senator and Delegate on key gun bills that will be voted on THIS WEEK!  Based on your address, they can automatically determine who is your Senator and Delegate.

It only takes a few seconds to send each message:


Urge your Senator to support SB 1250, state-agency preemption:


Urge your Senator to support SB 1084, which prohibits concealed handgun permittee information from being given out by the Circuit Court Clerks:


Urge your Delegate to support HB 1732, which will make Virginia honor the concealed handgun permits from all other states:


Urge your Delegate to support HB 2380, which will give certain immunities to employers who do NOT prohibit their employees from storing firearms in their vehicles while at work:


Urge your Delegate to support HB 2386, which will change Virginia's concealed HANDGUN permits to concealed WEAPON permits:


Urge your Delegate to OPPOSE HB 1600 (Library gun ban), HB 1669 (so called "gun show loophole" bill), HB 1813 (General Assembly gun ban), and HB 2524 (20 round and greater magazine sale ban):

Let's roll, Virginia!

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Also, last year a bill that would change Maryland's gun laws to honor a Virginia CHP narrowly failed in a committee vote.

This year it is being tried again and Maryland Shall Issue is requesting that Virginia gun owners send in comments supporting the measure. The bill is being considered tomorrow (Tue, Jan. 25) at 1 PM., so we need to get cracking!


Click here to send an email to the entire judiciary committee:
Fill in your name, email address, home address, phone number
Suggested "Email Subject": Please SUPPORT HB-9!
Suggested "Email Message" (feel free to customize): 

Please SUPPORT HB-9, Delegate Smigiel's bill that allow concealed handgun permit holders from surrounding states to carry concealed handguns in Maryland. Virginia is considering similar legislation and I would hope that gun owners from both sides of the Maryland/Virginia border would be able to protect themselves as they visit each other's state.




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