What good gun-owner's group would be complete without a show-off thread? Lets see what you're packing!

I've got an Ithica 12GA shotgun with some nice engraving and a permanent adjustable choke on the barrel, a Daisy BB gun I've had since I was old enough to plink soda cans, and a Norinco "Sportster" style SKS-D that's got a thumbhole stock, accepts AK clips, and has a shorter barrel than other SKSs. I'll try to get some shots of the Ithica up at some point.

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Interesting. I don't have much detail on my Ithaca, I need to do some more research on it and figure out what exactly it is. The engraving has dogs chasing deer on one side and waterfowl flying from a lake on the other if I remember correctly.
I'll check into it. I haven't even looked up anything about it really, but it is a very nice gun and not too heavy either.
I just looked it up and it appears my Ithaca was made in early 1949, and I'm not sure if the choke is aftermarket or stock since all the examples of it I've seen lack the adjustable choke. If it's aftermarket whoever mounted it on there did a very good job. I'm proud to have it. The gun apparently has a good history of military, police, and hunting use.
I have a 12 gauge Mossberg model 835 ulti-mag pump shotgun, Rossi model 62 .22 LR, Savage model 93R17 .17 cal., Ruger M77 .30-.06, Chipmunk .22 LR, and a Taurus PT 1911 .45. I use the shotgun to hunt birds with my german shorthair. I use the .22's for my kids to shoot targets. I use the .17 for shooting coyotes. I use the .06 for deer and elk hunting. I just bought .45 for home defence. I am moving from my small home town to Salt Lake City.
Well, not really showing off my collection of guns but had to share it. This looked like the best thread. . .

Just spent this Saturday taking a Tactical Carbine Class and have a few pics from it. It was a blast!! Lots of drills on mag changes and getting on target from the low ready. Shooting while moving to either side. Shooting while moving forward. Stoppage drills, and more. The most fun I have had in a long time!!

In the class photo, I am the one on the far left with the khaki shirt and Boonie hat.

Oh, and what I am running in the pics is a Rock River Lower receiver, Keystone A2 Upper, Light contour barrel with a mid length gas system. Smith flash hider, and a wilderness 3 point sling. And you gotta love the "tactical" extra mag in the front jeans pocket. .
I'm not one to brag about what I have (because I was raised to be paranoid about potential thieves), but I am absolutely in love with my new Ruger Mini-14 stainless steel Ranch Rifle.
I have a Glock 20 and am currently getting back into shooting. It is a bit expansive to shoot but was my favorite of all of the guns I have shot so far. I use the Glock 19 if I am going to be doing a lot of shooting. The grip is a bit too short for me but the rounds are cheap compared to 10mm as you all know.

My registered firearms are a 1952 Russian SKS, with aftermarket ATI Fiberforce Draganov type stock, scope mount (picture shows my dot scope) and my home built muzzle brake.  As well, I have a Ruger Mk1 (1976 commemorative), with bull barrel, and a Regent 1911 A1 .45 auto, with Thai rosewood grips, and my home built V-6 compensator (I'm a hobby machinist, with a lathe and milling machine).  Yes, we Canadians, even we left-wing Canadians, can own firearms.

My 1952 Russian SKS (my design of muzzle brake)

Firing my 1911 A1, with my V-6 Compensator

I'd be concerned if they didn't. Also, your images are thumbnail sized. Hard to see that machine work.
I tried to up-load the picture off my computer, but it wasn't working to well, so I put the link from my Ficlr account. Ya, that pic sucks. Let me try it another way - http://www.flickr.com/photos/harvestsunset/5291691412/sizes/l/in/ph...

And - http://www.flickr.com/photos/harvestsunset/5291699454/sizes/l/in/ph...

My collection is not what it used to be, but I still have a few nice pieces stuffed away in my Liberty Franklin 50. I am an NRA certified firearms instructor, so I use some of these to teach classes with. The rest are mine for home/vehicle protection, or concealed carry. By vehicle protection I mean I have a Serpa holster attached to the side of my seat complete with rail attachment for a tac light. Easy access while in the vehicle. No need to reach under the seat belt and then shirt for my carry gun. And before you ask, yes it is perfectly legal in Florida to carry a gun at the ready in your vehicle. Concealed, or in plain site. And no one can tell you to leave a public place, or a workplace because of the gun in your car. I love this state's gun laws! Now if we could just pass the open carry law.


In alphabetical order:

  • CZ52
    1953 Czech Pistol
    7.62x25mm Tokorev
    Nice piece and in great shape for its age. Gift from my Uncle.

  • Diamondback Firearms
    .380 Auto
    This is my backup carry.

  • Glock
    Model 17C
    This is my competition and training gun. All factory Glock parts.

  • Glock
    Model 23
    .40 S&W
    This is my alternate carry.

  • Henry
    H001 Lever Action
    .22LR/.22 Long/.22 Short
    My FAVORITE .22 rifle. The absolute BEST rifle ever made is a Henry! I can hit everything I aim at from almost any distance with this rifle. Great plinking fun with the kids!

  • Heritage Arms
    Rough Rider RR22B6 Single Action
    Don't shoot this much. Use it for pistol training classes.

  • Marlin
    336W Lever Action
    .30-30 Win
    Love this Rifle! Very accurate! Hell of a kick though. Teddy Roosevelt's favorite model rifle was the Marlin 1894, the big brother to the 336W.

  • Marlin
    XT-22R Bolt Action
    Only used by my kids and for teaching rifle classes.

  • Marlin
    795-22LR Self Loader (Semi-Auto)
    Only used by my kids and for teaching rifle classes.
  • Mossberg
    Great little shotgun. 18" bbl. I'm a Mossberg fan of their pump M88 and 800, which parts are interchangeable.

  • Rossi
    22” Youth Break Action Shotgun
    Got this for my son to do skeet with, but I end up using it more than he does. Great little shotgun for skeet, or trap shooting.

  • Sig
    1911 GSR Tactical
    .45 ACP
    This is my alternative carry. LOVE the 1911!

  • Springfield Amory
    1911 Compact
    .45 ACP
    Was my carry for many years and is well worn, but still in great shape. Stays locked away.

  • Springfield Amory
    XD-45 Service/Compact
    .45 ACP
    This is my primary carry.

  • Smith & Wesson
    Model 637 Airweight
    Got this for my wife. Nice little gun.

  • Smith & Wesson
    Model M&P-15OR
    5.56 Nato /.223 Remington
    This guy is my favorite semi-auto and has Mag-Pul back-up iron sights and a cheap red dot. I'm looking to get a EO-Tech EXPS-3 HWS for it in the near future.

  • Smith & Wesson
    Model M&P-40c
    .40 S&W
    I like the M&P Series, but not crazy about the 40c. Too small for my huge hands.

  • Walther
    P22 Threaded Barrel (I have two of these)
    I use these strictly for pistol training classes.

I do have pictures of these, but don't have time to upload them tonight. Later perhaps if anyone is really interested.

What do I have? Probably too many... lol.

I also have a No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield and Ithaca 900 not shown.

Czech Small Arms VZ-58 Carbine (11.8" bbl, 5.56 NATO)

LMT Defender AR-15 (14.5" bbl, 5.56 NATO)

Swiss Arms PE90 (basically a Sig 550, 20"bbl, 5.6mmGP90/5.56 NATO)

Glock 22 Gen2 (.40 S&W)

Walther P99 AS (.40S&W)

Ruger Mk III Hunter w/Williams firesights

Savage Mk II FVSS

Ruger 10/22

Marlin (more aptly Remlin) 795

Marlin 925


Unknown cut down single shot (just above legal length ;))

Belgian SxS 12ga

Remington 870 Wingmaster




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