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The 2nd Amendment guarantees an American's RIGHT to own firearms. Much like the 1st Amendment guarantees the concept to keep Church and State separate.

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The next threat to OUR GUN RIGHTS inside our Gov't:

The next justice of the Supreme Court could well cast the deciding vote on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. And that justice will almost certainly preside, during the next thirty years, over dozens of cases which could very well chip away at the DC v. Heller decision, telling us which gun laws the court views as "constitutional" and which "unconstitutional."

So it is more than a little interesting that Barack Qbama has reached into his closet of political leftists to bring out Elena Kagan -- a woman whose legal views have been shaped by the most extreme socialist voices in Washington.

Kagan doesn't have a record of judicial opinions. She hasn't been a judge. So the crafty Obama figures that, without a paper trail, we won't know of the ways she is moving American jurisprudence to the left until it's too late.

But Kagan's views on the Second Amendment are no mystery. According to columnist James Oliphant, Kagan was part of "a small group of staffers work[ing] behind the scenes to pursue an aggressive policy agenda" during President Bill Clinton's second term.

Oliphant writes: "According to records at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark., [Kagan] drafted an executive order restricting the importation of certain semiautomatic assault rifles. She also helped prepare a question-and-answer document advocating the campaign-reform legislation then proposed by Sens. Russ Feingold and John McCain."

Kagan was also part of the Clinton team that pushed the firearms industry to include gun locks with all gun purchases and was in the Clinton administration when the president pushed legislation that would close down gun shows.

President Obama has made it very clear that he expects Kagan's "powers of persuasion" to make her and Justice Anthony Kennedy the swing votes to uphold his anti-gun ObamaCare legislation.

Kagan's opinion of the "greatest lawyer" of her lifetime was her former boss -- the consistently left-wing Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Bloomberg News reported on May 13 that while working for Justice Marshall, Kagan urged him to vote against hearing a gun owner's claim that his constitutional rights were violated.

Kagan wrote that she was "not sympathetic" toward the gun rights claim that was made in Sandidge v. United States -- an amazing statement for a woman who is being heralded for supposedly showing a "special solicitude" for the interests of certain groups.

Alas, it seems that gun owners are not a part of those groups for whom she would like to show special concern.

After the Heller case was handed down, Kagan did concede that the Second Amendment was an "individual right." But that makes her no different than the talking heads at the Brady Campaign.

Kagan, like the President who nominated her, is an extreme leftist. According to (May 6, 2009), she is so far to the left she has lamented that socialism has "never attained the status of a major political force" in our country.

And according to (March 20, 2009), she says that foreign law can be used to interpret the U.S. Constitution in "some circumstances." Considering that most of the world does not respect the freedoms that are protected in our Second Amendment, this is a bad sign.

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Comment by Mr Bravo on July 16, 2009 at 4:19pm
Generally I think most serious and responsible gun owners concur with the thought that the NRA is a bit 'over the top' when it comes to front-and-center, in-your-face gunner sentiments... and/but that's what they are there for, to make noise and stay in the limelight. Remember, its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and there's really no dif here. I stay a member of the NRA because a big group gets big attention; however, I do not agree with all their policies and approaches to the politics of RKBA. That's why I feel it important to stay involved at the same time and support no-nonsense, no-compromise groups like Gun Owners of America and locally with Oregon Firearms Federation, plus a few others.

Don't kid yourself about losing your gun rights - its an easy thing that can happen... what good is your gun if you cannot get ammo? Or if you are deemed unsafe by the gov't because you once used sleep aids and therefore should be forcibly disarmed? If its a crime to carry ANY gun ANYWHERE, what good will your gun be should you need it? There are many mechanisms that can be employed to disarm a populace, and that includes simple attrition and 're-education' of youth.

Eternal vigilence is the price of freedom...
Comment by Brad on July 16, 2009 at 2:50pm
Honestly, while I agree with the sentiments about taking 'my guns out of my cold dead hands', the NRA has pretty much always been too tied to religious nutjobs for me to ever too closely feel attached to.
Comment by Sue B on July 16, 2009 at 12:25pm
I'm with Don, personally the NRA has always appeared to me to be no more than a bunch of reiche wing nuts, I have no doubt that there are normal moderate members of that group but with Nugent and the crazy crap he is always spouting and various friends (NRA members) I have who get "absolutely rabid" spouting "They're going to take our guns away!, they're going to take our guns away!" Is like the Fundies having fits anytime they can't be shoving they're beliefs down our throats. I looked into the finances of the NRA a bit this winter and there are some people getting very comfortable off all those dues. but hey thats just been my impression.

Just let them try and take guns away from Americans see where that will get them. (hope I don't make too many enemies here ;)
Comment by Realizer on July 15, 2009 at 8:43pm
Don...I know not what is your position on weapons, but from watching your posts on this site I get the impression that you would love to see all the weapons in the country melted down. Leaving everyone unarmed except for law enforcment and the military.
The comparison of the NRA to organized religion is a slap in the face to both atheisrs and GUN OWNERS!!
Comment by Metsasuomalaiset on May 27, 2009 at 11:42am
John, I hope you can trust we're interested in your perspectives. Believe me, on the days I feel self-pity as a RKBA atheist progressive (in an area of many anti-gun atheist progressives and many pro-gun ecclesiasts), I think about what it'd like to be living in...well, South Carolina. So having you here strikes me as a great thing, at many levels, and I hope you'll stick around.

Re: Holt's HR45, I've been the most disturbed by the fact that black politicians are pushing the government's right to control which law abiding citizens can and cannot be armed. They clearly have no sense of the history of this issue, and we all need to write to them and apprise them of sites like Kenn Blanchard's (Black Man with a Gun), which lay that out. But once people fixate/project their fears onto guns, their rationality goes out the window the same as when they fixate/project their fears, hopes, and dreams on, say, "holy" books or objects....

I also would welcome Canadians like Randy. I'll pop over to Don's thread on this topic. Happy spring, all!
Comment by John Laurens on May 17, 2009 at 2:57pm
alot of your sentiment is shared in the thread above,Should all firearms owners in this country be licenced? by Don.
Comment by Roach on May 17, 2009 at 2:50pm
This bill is unnessary and a complete waste of taxpayer money.
Don't we already have enough laws in place already? I believe background checks are already done when a gun is purchased from a dealer. Concealed weapon laws vary from state to state.
In WA state you have to have a permit for the priviledge of carrying a concealed weapon which requires a background check, getting fingerprinted as well as costing $60.
I'm always concerned when the federal goverment wants to expand it's powers and this law does just that and in my opinion is unconstitutional. So many civil liberties already have been eroded away and don't seem to be coming back anytime soon.
@ Mdooo1
Roach is just a nickname I've had for many years.
I'm not a hunter at all. I could never shoot an animal unless it was for survival but that doesn't mean I'm against those who like to hunt. Self defense is my main reason for learning to shoot and carry a pistol.
Comment by John Laurens on May 16, 2009 at 9:07am
Thanks Don,thats why I reserve my faith for PEOPLE.
Comment by John Laurens on May 16, 2009 at 8:14am
I suggest you read the bill YOURSELF.I cannot cure apathy,and I'll not attempt to here.If you are indeed an advocate of gun rights,once it's read,the problems I have with it will become self evident.As for the being shut out part,I was not referring to those here,but those I come in contact with on a daily basis.I see I must be elementary,so here are some pieces of info that could be helpful.I live in SOUTH CAROLINA.ATHEISTS are not popular in SOUTH CAROLINA.MOST gun rights activists in this area are EVANGELICALS.EVANGELICALS ostracize ATHEISTS.I guess I'm here to talk with others interested in protecting our gun rights without having to hear about jesus every 5 min.I'm not an educated man nevertheless,I've taken the time to read laws that pertain to me.All one such as myself can do is write to congress,which I've done already,and raise awareness to others on this issue.It may seem as though I've failed to do so but the point is I've tried,which is unfortunately more than most.
Comment by Ronnie on May 15, 2009 at 10:59pm
It's not trying to ostracize you John, we're just interested in what specifically you think the problem with the bill is in a nutshell.

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