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Picture yourself spending some time with congenial friends, sharing your lives and pictures from your cell phones." They're curious about that cool game, song, movie, camping trip, art show, or other event that fascinated you. You talk about all kinds of stuff, poetry, styles, personal achievements, relationships, and bad days. You can share your inner child, and laugh together. They sympathetically listen to your feelings about serious topics like politics or climate change, even when they don't agree.

Personal validation comes from paying attention to one another, giving more than you get. Everyone respects you and themselves, despite our amazing range of personal tastes and interests. They'll tell you they don't agree with an idea or behavior without implying you're a bad person or somehow deficient. It's an "I'm OK, You're OK" kind of fellowship, where nobody tries to make himself look better by picking on somebody else.

Nobody here is into mind games. A discussion started with a loaded guilt-throwing question will be deleted.

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Canceling the Bible (Betty Bowers)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Patricia Jun 29. 6 Replies

It would seem as though Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, has caught wind of the "cancel culture" which has been doing the rounds in the United States, surrounding the removal of certain statuary which celebrates the losing side of the…Continue

Tags: cancel culture, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jr., America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers

Opening a Country With a Closed Mind (Betty Bowers)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Patricia Jun 3. 3 Replies

Today, against the better judgment of just about EVERYONE with a brain and hard data supporting them, Georgia is going to open back up for business, including hair salons, bowling alleys, and ... GYMS???  Perhaps the biggest Petri Dish of them all? …Continue

Tags: coronavirus, COVID-19, Brian Kemp, Donald Trump, America's Best Christian

Evangelicals Unmasked (Betty Bowers)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Grinning Cat May 26. 4 Replies

After roughly two months of "shelter-in-place," it would seem that evangelical Christians are champing at the bit to get back to their money-making-machines churches, because empty pews mean empty collection plates, which means no moolah in pastors'…Continue

Tags: ReOpen, churches, COVID-19, coronavirus, America's Best Christian

Do As You're Told!

Started by Patricia. Last reply by Grinning Cat Apr 26. 8 Replies

Spreading this around......As someone with a Masters in disease control, you can only imagine the sheer hell on earth that Facebook is for me at the moment.From Chantelle who has impressively made the leap from bath bomb retailer to consultant…Continue

#NeverBiden is the New #MAGA! (Betty Bowers)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Joan Denoo Apr 14. 9 Replies

Apparently there is a new hashtag out there: #NeverBiden.  Now, I'm not much of a hashtag follower, but it would seem as though America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers IS ... and she's not at all happy with the point of view represented by the…Continue

Tags: #MAGA, #NeverBiden, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, America's Best Christian

Thou Shalt Stay the Hell Home! (Betty Bowers)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Plinius Apr 10. 4 Replies

Never let it be said that Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, is a scofflaw as it comes to the whole "shelter-in-place" order ... ESPECIALLY when she has such a FABULOUS place to shelter in!  Problem is, she sees way too many other…Continue

Tags: virus, corona, shelter-in-place, , , America's, Best, Christian, , , Betty, Bowers"

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Comment by Patricia 20 hours ago

Trudeau led his country out of a pandemic while Trump’s lack of leadership leaves the US in deep crisis

For months, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hair kept growing.

As the coronavirus pandemic kept barbershops closed to customers, his tidy trim grew into a wave that evolved eventually into a mop with bangs. For some, the mane came to embody the shared sacrifices that Trudeau — quarantined at his home in Ottawa — was asking fellow Canadians to endure to stop the spread of coronavirus...........more

Comment by Patricia on Monday

Comment by Grinning Cat on Monday

"Stand Strong" is a virtual singalong dedicated to healthcare workers.

"It's peel off your scrubs, stumble in through the door
Step into the shower and scrub yourself raw
It's in at eleven, it's back out at four
For there's work to be done for the living
Ye who toil on the border between life and death
You're fighting for those who are fighting for breath
It's a battle that takes until little is left
And it's fearful and seldom forgiving

Stand steady, my friends, in the darkest of times
Our love will go with you as you hold the line
When the hardship is past, we as one will entwine
And we'll dance to a better world coming

..." (more lyrics at the YouTube page)

Comment by Grinning Cat on Saturday

And speaking of the Fourth of July:

Planning To Celebrate The 4th? What To Know About The Risks Of Parties And Bars (NPR)

"With new infections climbing in most states, infectious disease experts discourage group get-togethers, especially one that involves drinking. Bottom line: Watch out for parties or bars.

These settings tend to lead to a breakdown of the very behaviors that help prevent new infections. It's a dangerous mix: socializing in large groups, sometimes in tight spaces and drinking, which lowers inhibitions and makes it less likely they'll follow pandemic precautions like wearing masks and practicing good hygiene. Plus party-goers end up talking loudly, which only increases the chance of spraying virus-laden particles on other guests, especially indoors. [...]"

Comment by Grinning Cat on Saturday

Thanks, Randall! 

Comment by Randall Smith on Saturday

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Despite our president, there's much to be grateful for as a U.S. citizen.

Comment by Patricia on June 27, 2020 at 10:26pm

Managed to keep our numbers low despite being surrounded. She jumped on things very early & convinced most of us that rules needed following diligently.

Comment by Plinius on June 27, 2020 at 10:19pm

Looks like someone who knows what to do!

Comment by Patricia on June 27, 2020 at 9:20pm

Our provincial health officer....the NYTimes calls her one of the most effective public health officials in the world...

Comment by Ian Mason on June 27, 2020 at 4:48am

Thanks for the help. I must remember to write things down next time.


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