Apparently, Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, has been slumming.  That is to say, she's been talking to Mike Pence [gasp!].  It would seem as though Mike has offered some of his not-so-personal tricks of the trade on how to be a 21st century Christian to our dear Betty.  Betty, being the sport that she is, has been good enough to pass them on to us, JUST in case we need them [srsly?!?].

So, for your education, elucidation, and entertainment, here is our heroine.  Take it away, Betty!

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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"Because they never hear jesus say NO when they ask."

Which means they do as they please.  Remember that business about believers superimposing their own view onto god's supposed will?  Ba-da-bing.

ROFL This one was great! Thanks!




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