In one week the US jumped from 11.9 % in extreme drought to 28.9 % in extreme drought, an "unprecedented speed". But it will take months for higher food prices to get to consumers.

U.S. ‘extreme drought’ zones triple in size

The drought in America’s breadbasket is intensifying at an unprecedented rate, experts warned, driving concern food prices could soar if crops in the world’s key producer are decimated.

The US Drought Monitor reported a nearly threefold increase in areas of extreme drought over the past week in the nine Midwestern states where three quarters of the country’s corn and soybean crops are produced.

“That expansion of D3 or extreme conditions intensified quite rapidly and we went from 11.9 percent to 28.9 percent in just one week,” Brian Fuchs, a climatologist and Drought Monitor author, told AFP.

Almost two thirds of the continental United States are now suffering drought conditions,...78 percent of US corn and 11 percent of soybean crops have been hit...

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Do you live under the heat dome? (Image from AccuWeather)

July is Over: The Horrid Heat Numbers are in

Temperatures on Wednesday will poke above 110 degrees from Oklahoma City to Wichita, and many more records are likely to fall by the end of the week.

I believe it! It's so hot here. I read an article in the American Statesman about Global Warming and it's affects on crops and food prices. Studies are now showing the increase in temperature.

There's the link to the article

Its affects

Visible dry soil is only part of what's happening to the water table during drought. Since increasing drought is a long term Climate Change driven process, groundwater must be considered as well. This video shows the groundwater changing from 2002 to 2012. Red is less water, blue is more water.

Thanks for the video - educational!

The US drought even lowered water levels in the Great Lakes, impacting shipping.

Drought Hits Shippers on Great Lakes

The Midwest drought is lowering water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to near-record lows, putting pressure on the shipping industry and turning some beaches into long mud flats.

The US Southwest will lose its forests according to a new study.

Climate Change Could Cripple Southwestern U.S. Forests: Trees Face ...

The study forecasts that during the second half of this century, about 80 percent of years will exceed megadrought levels.

Combine the tree-ring growth record with historical information, climate records, and computer-model projections of future climate trends, and you get a grim picture for the future of trees in the southwestern United States.


Hey, Folks. It looks as if the 2012 drought will keep right on into 2013 in most of the US.

"... data now show the "2012 drought the greatest U.S. drought since the Dust Bowl year of 1939..."

Recent Storms Recall Dust Bowl Days as Drought Persists

I love the detail graphic here Ruth - thank you!

We have to resist all attempts to privatize water, even as we may have to ration it in some way. Getting rid of lawns is one BIG way to save water. Make berms and catch basins; Use soaker hoses for borders and food gardens; put in xeriscaping and xerogardening; there are other options to use as well.

Photos of xeriscaping: 

I like those xeriscaping photos - thanks Joan!




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