Just when you thought the world couldn't get any crazier. No more matching weapons to bullets in forensics, with disposable printed guns. Make your own guns for drive by shootings. Gun control? Hah! Gun licenses? Hah! Things of the past. Everybody can be an arms dealer, with untraceable weapons.

Gun Enthusiasts Create Printable Firearms--What Could Possibly Go W...

A few months ago, a gun enthusiast named Micahel Guslick printed the lower receiver of a .22 caliber pistol using a commercial 3D printer. Then he shot it. And a bullet came out. Now his blueprints are all over the internet--along with his defiant cries of glory.
“It's had over 200 rounds of .22 through it so far and runs great!” Guslick boasted.
... with the direction that 3D printing technology is going, fully printable rifles will likely become a possibility within the next few years--if not sooner. High-end 3D printers can already print not only plastics but also metal and ceramic, and these printers will grow increasingly affordable as technology improves.
Unfortunately, the legality of these printed guns may just hold up in a court of law. It raises some tricky questions regarding licensing, detectibility, sales and export possibilities...

This may be a tipping point for violence, decreasing average lifespan and social stability. I hadn't envisioned this nuance when Susan Blackmore warned of temes. But online plans for a weapon printer capable of making more weapons printers sounds like information getting the upper hand over humanity to me.

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Plans to print a gun halted as 3D printer is seized

They just confiscated the one printer owned by Defense Distributed. The next people to do this won't announce it to the public, they'll create their products and distribute the plans more covertly through the underground internet.

A US project to create a printable gun has been derailed after the company supplying the 3D printer withdrew it.

"In this case, this was being done very overtly and trying to prove a point. I am far more concerned about the people who aren't publicising it."

Mr Goodman predicts that 3D printing could be the next battleground in the fight against organised crime and terrorism. And it won't just be weapons that will be printed online.

Very interesting Ruth.

The comments in the FAQ of http://defensedistributed.com are interesting.

Here's one of the comments:

RobOctober 2, 2012:

Can’t wait for this to happen. I am eager to watch from a super safe distance when you dummies figure out where to find a printer and finish this thing on up. are you going to laser scan in other gun makers parts or are you also coming up with your own design at the same time too? Not sure why you haven’t gotten a printer yet because there are gobs of these around. I watched the first 3d printers in action around the turn of the century. Fascinating theory and process but you are a bit late to the game to be honest.

Anyway…lets see. Will you make your gun from Alumide, Sandstone, Glass, UV cured Polymer or maybe Stainless Steel? Ok, you picked stainless. Smart choice. Wait! Now you need to raise another 40k to afford the 8$ per cubic centemeter for your parts. Then you have texture issues, integrity issues, tolerance variances which are not acceptable in this type of project. Just about a total fail.

“Nice handgun…what did that cost you?” “Oh, about 7500$ not including the machine time.” “Smart DIY project….NOT.”

Good luck figuring out how to blow your face off with borrowed cash! HA




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