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By: Ian Fortey September 18, 2008 1,020,978 views

It's not that all Christians are crazy, it's just that the religion seems to give certain types of crazy people a chance to shine. These are the ones who can't worry about the homeless because they're too busy doing things like decoding secret gay propaganda in cartoons.

Here are some of the more baffling things these messengers from the Lord want us to be wary of:

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A great article to read during breakfast, thanks! I love the chocolate jesus: hollow, like everything xtians want to sell us.

You are right there Chris!

That Harry Potter pisses off some christians isn't news at all.  I mean, there's that whole "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" bullshit ... but SpongeBob?!?  That kind of freaking out is starting to get into Mohammed cartoon territory!

I just love Harry Potter too!

Doctor Who is a lot cooler than Jesus, and he's lived for centuries without getting crucified. Probably got more brains than JC.

Shoot, Ian, K-9 has more brains than JC!!!

I'll second that. And I bet JC couldn't use a sonic screwdriver, carpenter or not.

Gotta love K-9.

Doctor Who does have more brains than JC. You are right Ian.

Excellent response, Mr. M! Reminds me of a favorite quote by my favorite author:

"Mr. MacClure," Kiku said softly, "as a distinguished predecessor once said, in dealing with certain types you must step on their toes until they apologize."
-- Robert A. Heinlein, The Star Beast

Thanks for the link. An amusing read.



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