I was watching a film recently about a cynic on his death bed who remarks to his nurse-
" I once had a friend who said God created clouds so he could hide behind them when he was ashamed...."

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I guess the pilot in me is showing.  So what does god do when the conditions are CAVU - Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited?  Euphemisms and poetic language have only one purpose: to obscure the fact that there is no substance behind those words.

There is no god.

You know sometimes we say stuff like this to poke fun, not cause we think they are true. A personal favorite of mine is "between the old and new testaments, the christian god repented". I know there is no god. I want to rile somebody.

I like this, except I would replace "ashamed" with "embarassed".  It's much less conventionally theistic that way. 




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