Global Peace Index rankings


1 Iceland

2 New Zealand

3 Japan

4 Denmark

5 Czech Republic

6 Austria

7 Finland

8 Canada

9 Norway

10 Slovenia



82 United States of America




Besides Slovenia and Austria, all of these nations have a massive atheist population.  Do you think there is a direct link between the two?  Or do you think that atheism arrises out of more stable nations?


Any thoughts?

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There is a difference between atheist and anti-theist.
I agree that a lack of religion doesn't necessarily insight peace and that people probably would fight about anything. But as far as communist nations are concerned, they just took one irrational belief system (religion) and switched it another (communism). In essence, the governments of communist nations became people's god or more accurately their devil.

I think the correlation isn't to religion or nonreligion but to Dominator or Partnership culture. Riane Eisler introduced Cultural Transformation Theory in The Chalice and the Blade. Basically Dominator cultures are hierarchial, where the hierarchy is based on violence, men dominate women, and power is based on weapons. Partnership culture is cooperative, withe men and women sharing power. Power is seem as the ability to create, to make. Typically elder women make political decisions for the good of the entire community. The last true Partnership cultures were primitive agrarian societies with fertility goddess religions.

In the contemporary world, war making correlates to a gender power imbalance. Nations where men have all of the power and women none are the most warlike. Sorry I lost the research on this, it was many years ago.

A tangent:

Dominator cultures are hierarchial, where ... men dominate women ....

And sexuality gets tied into fear and control rather than pleasure and bonding. (Quite a few conservative religions do this!) And another aspect of the domination is gender-based double standards... the mentions of Dominator culture and Partnership culture reminded me of the recent Alternet article, "Slut Shame: Attacking Women for Their Sex Lives":

On January 26, Loren Feldman wrote an open letter to media personality Julia Allison’s father, alleging to her expertise at oral sex and her promiscuity. The post [... was] a prime example of the ease with which the accusation of being a slut is still hurled at women as a way to shame and degrade them. 


The assumption that women “owe” our bodies for procreation and that if we use them for pleasure instead (or in addition), we are somehow going against nature is part of the backdrop that encourages this type of thinking.


[Read the whole thing!]


If sex were not a pleasurable experience our species would be among the long ago extinct.

It seems that the “forbidden” aspect of sex that is usually directed at females (those evil sluts) is found in the extremely male dominated, fundamentally religious societies – Saudi Arabia springs to mind.

Funny because it all depends on your perspective - I would have taken it as a compliment to say that I was an expert no less at oral sex....

Very very interesting.  So it only appears like there may be a correlation, only because typically our most prominent religions have a massive gender power imbalance.  I'm going to have to read more into this.


Cheers :)

Funny how #3 and #6, were the two belligerent nations that started the last world war with their nationalism...

As far as woman vs men in violence department, of course men have a tendency to fight more, but I can name more than a few very belligerent woman throughout history and they were just as ruthless as the men.


As far as humanities record, humans are evil creatures, yes capable of beauty, but capable of the deepest ugliness. Why a man would beat a woman or man for that matter is just savagery.  We are still very much the animal. It is not religions fault, but like everything it is used for evil as well as good. Humans make religion evil, not the other way around.





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