We don't usually discuss politics much here, but this is so bizarre you'd think it's a twisted satire instead history. Well the original did appear in Punch. It soundslike a conspiracy theory. But then Mormon history smacks you up side the head.

What Happens If We Wake Up With a Mormon in the White House?

Also in the title: What Joseph Smith's Run for President Suggests About Mitt Romney

According to a controversial Joseph Smith prophecy, when America degenerates to the point where “the Constitution hangs by a thread” -- and most TV pundits agree we’re there already -- at this time, a Mormon will be elected President of the United States, triggering a whole series of disaster-film plot twists: the end of the world as we know it; the overthrow of “gentile” ruleand the long-promised Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Only, instead of teleporting Himself somewhere interesting like Jerusalem, say the Mormons, Jesus will stage his comeback in Independence, Missouri.

Let me put it another way. Mitt Romney was raised to believe that if Mitt Romney is elected president, Mitt Romney will rule the world (or whatever is left of it) as the Mormon gods’ Viceroy, while Jesus Christ stumbles through tornado country, making crop circles in a corn field, or whatever it is you do there.

...Christing told me he believes Romney has taken a secret oath pledging his loyalty first and foremost to his church:...the Oath of Consecration, where he consecrates his money, his time, his talents. His whole life, really....To me, the interesting thing is that the oath of consecration is specifically directed to the Mormon church (not God)." [emphasis mine]

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Escape fantasy also occurred to me, Patricia. But no island would be safe if Romney initiated global thermonuclear war. Apart from the overkill of nationals nuclear weapons arsenals, when civilization fell all of the nuclear power plants would spiral out of control within weeks. Once power grids go offline there's only a couple of weeks on backup generators. Operators could try to do cold shutdowns, but the plants would be unguarded - vulnerable to weather and random vandals.

Even if (a BIG if) you give Romney the benefit of the doubt that he's mature adult who takes seriously the Oath of Office, it still gives me pause that he must have been raised with this story of some boy becoming the great Mormon President and initiating The Second Coming and Mormon supremacy over gentiles thirty days after election. Mind you other little boys who imagine themselves as Superman saving the Earth know it's fantasy. The Mormon President brings End of Days prophecy from their infallible prophet, in contrast, would be real, true and important in their eyes. It doesn't have to be part of official church dogma, just part of the culture.

I for one want a president who doesn't let reason and reality be trumped by a religious gilded "Truth with a capital T with an angel on top".

Look at his eyes in that photo!  Does that look like a fanatic, or what?

I remember a TIME Magazine cover photo of Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, that had that same wild-eyed look.  He was the fundaMENTAList twit who said we should sell off all the natural resources in our national parks and other wildlands because Jesus was "coming back any minute," and would fix everything.  Fortunately, he pissed off Nancy by cancelling the Beach Boys' appearance as part of a Fourth of July extravaganza at the Mall, and was asked to resign.  (I think the saying at the time was that he "shot himself in the foot."  GOOD!)

Michelle Bachmann's PR photos have that same zombie look.

We have been living in The Crazy Years for a long time now...the next step is for the custard-heads to vote in a theocrat in 2012, and that will be the LAST election for about 75 years.

Most voters do NOT do any work to find out who (or what, in the case of ballot initiatives) they are voting for.  They vote for the guy they "like" ...as if it were a FakeBook opinion, not all of our lives on the line. In 2000 American adults actually admitted they were going to vote for Shrub because he was "a regular guy; somebody you could talk to over a pitcher of beer."

Excuse me?  I want the president to be a whole lot smarter than I am, not an average Joe/Joan!

IMO any adult who believes the Book of Moron will believe anything.  (Our former pool cleaner was a Moron, and he believed every damn urban legend that floated around the internet.  He also did a lousy job, and kept raising his fees...those are the other reasons I fired him.)


Scary, scary, scary but not unexpected.  Christians are saying President Obama is not "Christian enough."  How can they rectify this when Romney is not Christian, at all.  Religious people are hesitant to criticize any religion lest they be criticized themselves but they are sadly missing the boat on this one.


How ironic, in the 2008 primaries, I was hesitant to vote for Obama because he was/is too Christian for my peace of mind, but Mrs. Clinton is worse.  She is still part of a (subversive fundamentalist) Family Fellowship "Prayer Group"...one that she mentions in her autobiography as helping her get through the Monica/impeachment craziness.  She also delivered a passionate speech on the floor of the senate in October 2002 IN FAVOR of the illegal invasion of Iraq.  Scary woman.

I think The Shrub fantasized that Armageddon would begin on his watch.

I don't know who in DC, aside from Bernie Sanders, cares about any of us, as individuals or as a nation.

I wish there was a way to just yell, "STOP!"  Throw everybody out of office, READ the entire constitution, discuss it, and start over.  But that would create more problems than it would solve.

Obama's mother and the grandmother who was more influential in his life were both Freethinkers, but they were of the type that believe in letting the kid make his own choices, without giving him any guidance at all.  (If I had kids, I would have steered them into researching the Enlightenment and our secular constitution, because public schools do a piss-poor job in that department.)

Michelle Obama is a True Believer...

The sad fact is that nobody can run for office successfully in this country without belonging to some church.  I think Mike Gravel is a Unitarian.  In 2008 he got less than 5% of the primary votes.

America is sick.  And it's making me sick.  I'm glad I'm old.                                               

I'm so tired of the lies and viciousness that have crept, swarmed, goose-stepped into our national conversation.  The Karl Roves, the Koch Brothers, people like that. 

What dismays me the most, though, are the "average" citizens who are too lazy or ignorant to do a little quick research to figure out who is lying, and why.  They want quick fixes for complicated problems, and will vote for the liar who will promise to do the impossible for them...at no cost to themselves.

The "freedom of the press" clause in the Bill of Rights was Ben Franklin's baby.  He knew that in order to have a working democracy the voters had to be informed, but if the voters can't be bothered to inform themselves...just sit in front of the screen and absorb the lies manufactured by FAUX News, or believe that things like "reality TV" are real...I think we're doomed.

I was a very small child during WW2 (born in 1939), but I remember how everybody in the country (everybody in every Allied country!) contributed what they could to the "war effort."  I was very much aware of things like rationing, and I knew why it had to be like that.  All four of my mother's brothers were in the armed services...2 in the Pacific and 2 in Europe.  My dad was disgruntled that he was 4-F (Deaf in one ear, too old, and he worked for a defense-related industry, Union Oil.)

Everybody cared.  Now they don't seem to.  I still do, and it hurts. 


I live on a treadmill of depression and rage, of late myself. I worry about where to go when this country becomes a theocracy. There was a great quote in a new HBO series called 'Newsroom' last night, Sam Waterson's character said he was too old to be afraid of stupid anymore, I'm too young not to fear them at this point and wishing I were in his position.

I wish I had followed my instincts in 2000, when the Supremes handed the keys to the White House to a front man for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and all the others who worked for Bush the 1st.  I could have sold this house for 3/4 of a gigabuck and emigrated to British Columbia, but my sister an I are co-trustees of this property, and she wouldn't hear of it. 

Can't do it now, the value of the house has slipped considerably since the mortgage collapse, and I'm living on Social Security and a few odd typing jobs. My sister gets a little SSI because she's never been on anybody's payroll... ever...mildly autistic, or Aspie.  I don't know which; she's also a J's Witless, and they don't believe in neuro-psych.  Naturally.

A friend of mine who has both an MBA and a law degree emigrated to Auckland, NZ, and set up a business there.  She loves it (and I think they love her), but it took her almost 4 years to go through all the legal formalities and relocate.

Some other friends have bought "retirement" property in Costa Rica.

If Romney gets in (I'm not going to say "is elected"), I expect a lot of people will be looking for somewhere else to live.  Maybe Castro will drop dead soon, and Cuba will need skilled workers, managers, and teachers to rebuild.

Who knows?

I feel the same Sk8eycat, tired because no one cares about anything outside their own lives. The solidarity between people has been destroyed and now everyone is alone.

Must have been the wonderful examples we get all the time: the morals of churchleaders and politicians who only want power, sex and money no matter what or who gets destroyed in the process, the mindless drivel the tv wants to feed us: we're numb. I fear it's a problem that is global now.

The one thing we can do is very smallscale: make people aware that we care by living the way we chose. By taking care of neighbours, stray cats and whatever else comes our way.

@ Sk8eycat - I must say I was reading posts from another fellow on here who had moved to Costa Rica and it has hung in the back of my mind the cost of living was so low. We do have friends in France who have offered us shelter there if this place becomes completely intolerable, they're as worried as we are that we are slowly becoming a theocracy.

@Chris - I couldn't agree more, I know more people than I ever did, or should I say I'm acquainted with more people than I'd have ever thought possible, but most of my RL friends live in other states and I end up feeling exceedingly lonely these days. We moved back here to be closer to my parents and to help take care of their needs but our neighbors... and some of them are relatives mind you, are mad as hatters, fundamentalist to the core, so you can forget having a sense of community. What is sometimes humorous, is that some are Pentecostal and others are Baptists and then some of the friends of the family are JW, so when they are forced to share a room together it's fun for an old  unbeliever to watch! LOL Is that terrible of me? I have to find joy somewhere!

As to the stray cats, I have the odd collection of stray Ravens, Buzzards, a Cardinal that I saved from a cat (he had knocked himself silly on a clean window and the cat was sneaking up on him) he feels safe and so he still hangs out and every now and again strafes me, a stray cat that someone put out of her home, I assume because she'd had kittens. I'm an all day long sucker, I'll feed any and all of them who show up hungry and my dog is just jealous!




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