You and I exist as part of this splendid wonder of the Universe;

we beings contain consciousness of its existence;

we recognize our lives represent a very small speck in infinity and that provides us opportunities to think and understand that we have no purpose in life except that which we give it;

we have no meaning unless we want to have meaning where we live;

we have no plan or design for our lives meaning we author our own lives; 

we participate with others on a fragile planet and have the power to change life as we know it on Earth; 

we stand on Earth, a well into the universe, such as a well into Earth to access water, held and empowered by forces of nature;

we provide no thought or effort to create all this; 

we have the capacity to maintain and perpetuate a healthy, vital, flourishing Earth; 

we, you and I, can make a difference.  

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Nicely illustrated too, great poem. Thanks.


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