During the “Cold War” between The United States and the Soviet Union, which went on roughly for 45 years (from 1945 to 1989), they were not technically enemies. Not in the military sense. Not in a formal political way. There had been no declaration of war.


Indeed, the United States had never been at war with the Soviet Union. On the contrary, for four longs years they had been allies in a desperate struggle against a common foe. They had cooperated, extensively.


The US had shipped a hundred million tons of woolen and cotton goods to the Russians. Plus fifteen million pairs of leather boots, four million rubber tires, two thousand railroad locomotives, and eleven thousand freight cars, as well as all the obvious heavy metal, like fifteen thousand airplanes, seven thousand tanks, and 375,000 army trucks.


All free, gratis, and for nothing. Winston Churchill had called the program the least sordid in all of history. Legends had grown up around it. The Soviets were said to have asked for condoms, and in an attempt to impress and intimidate, they had specified that they should be eighteen inches long. The Unites States had duly shipped them, in cartons stamped Size: Medium.

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Aha! You say that all of those U.S.-manufactured goods were sent gratis with no expectation of reward.  The reward is obvious: American workers made the goods, so the more that were supplied to the Soviets, the more jobs there were and more people eating at night instead of starving.  We waited so long to get into the war, Russia suffered the most casualties in defeating the Nazis, so we should hardly have been surprised when they demanded so much of Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and all of the Eastern Block, for which Stalingrad, alone, paid for.  Not saying they had any right to remain in such places, and the lesson of the Soviet Union's downfall should not be lost on thinking Americans: they over-extended themselves fighting Muslims both at home and in Afghanistan.  Now that there is a potential for the opening of a Pacific front (North Koreans and Iranians seem to get along fine) we should be awfully careful before we make another incursion requiring more Chinese credit and our precious blood. 


"...the United States had never been at war with the Soviet Union."

Literally correct, but during the Russian revolution after WW1 President Wilson sent armed troops to help the czar defeat the bolsheviks, the communists. The communists won and formed the Soviet Union. I don't know the details but understand that the Americans did some shooting and killing.

Depends on ones definition of "war". How 'bout war of words?

Yeah, but let's not have a war of words here.


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