The truth is religion is carelessly structured to behave like China as a state why? it deprives you of the right to make an informed choice,the same with CHINA that is flooding the market of developing countries with sub standard goods,yes the point is that too much confusion brought about by religion as made many if not few people to depend on man made doctrines regarding  religion,God and gods.It is time that people start to understand why they are practising particular faith,one should ask her/himself if it is true that what  he is calling religoin is his own choice or that of his parents,

Let your brain not be a dumping site where every cheap religious doctrine finds resting place,in other words we should not be like Africa (my home)  which is fast turning into china"s colony,due to continous refusial to think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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It seems to me as though the two states wanting a serious piece of Africa these days are indeed the People's Republic of China and Vatican City, and both for similar reasons.  Africa is largely undeveloped and under-educated, the first being a target for the Chinese and the second for the catholics.  The sad part is that that continent is liable to suffer badly at both their hands.  China's record for pollution and poor labor policies is only now beginning to register on the world consciousness.  As for the RC church, my suspicion is that they are making this move because the rest of the world as gotten wise to their snake oil, and they are looking for fresh, unplowed ground to exploit.

And doubtless they will, with their crap about condoms and AIDS, their child-abusing priests and the fundamental crap which is at the base of what the RC church is about: one more fairy tale which can be foisted on an ignorant and unaware people.  Obviously, John, you're aware of the danger represented by this development, but the vast majority of your fellow Africans aren't.  Someone's got to tell them, let them know that in both cases, the negatives have an all too good chance to outweigh the positives with the advent of these two powers entering The Dark Continent, and that the price paid down the road may be a dear one.

Question is, who bells the cat?

So true, religious teachings/doctrines are cheap and appealing for those who are too lazy to think, nice, appealing, just what we would like to happen to us at death.  It has to be real!  (As If?)

Many fall into this laziness trap, the human brain is the most deceptive organ in the entire universe, it can also be one of the laziest.

Combine laziness and the fact that the brain deceives the owner 24/7 and you have a victim that is easily led into delusion.  Many Christians I know, have only opened their bibles to read what their priest orders them to read at mass.  There's 90% of the bible that they have never seen.

I've stupidly read the entire book from start to finish three times and was so impressed with the third reading that I incinerated it (except for the nice Leather cover which now adorns my real bible or Technical manual) so I can't help but consider that if they actually bothered to read their bibles, they too may discover much that is absolute nonsense and throw their Christianity away with their bibles.

As have some ex ministers and priests that have sought help of the "Clergy Project" to find them another life away from their religion as fellow Atheists.

We may be able to combat religion with logic and facts, but, it is impossible to reach those whose sheer brain laziness, commits them to a life of utter ignorance.

appealing for those who are too lazy to think

But the world is full of people who are trained to look up to self-proclaimed ´authorities´ . How can they see the difference between those authorities - parasites - and the seekers of truth? You need a lot of education and a steady head to find your way, and you need freedom. Let me describe one of these ´too lazy to think´; born in 1918, trained from very young into obedience and submission, kept stupid and uneducated by parents and church because only a woman, married because no one left her any personal freedom, but marriage was not better. Worked very hard to clothe and feed husband and children, took orders from everyone, never gave orders. Died from Alzheimer´s. She was my mother, and perhaps she can stand for the people who cannot escape from poverty and lack of education. I know they should escape, but I understand how difficult that is. I pity them.

The US is flooded with Chinese goods too. Any good or product can be made a little bit cheaper if you cut corners while ignoring safety and liveable wages. I see the parallel you're making.

In a sense we're becoming a Chinese colony too, but most don't notice China's pervasive market penetration. It's inevitable that global economies become interpenetrated, as long as fossil fuel energy for global transport is cheap because its costs are externalized to the environment.

There are so many covert ways people can be deprived of informed choice. For example, my pension fund is tied up with ExxonMobil, which I absolutely loathe. But I have no choice. I wrote letters to the fund managers. It will make no difference at all.

Even getting reliable information is often difficult, because there are so many people making a goodf living off their tricks, covering up with disinformation and political pay off. Then honest well intentioned people get manipulated into supporting the religious con or the economic con.

I guess there is some irony in the fact that China as a godless country is in competition with the Vatican. Maybe each will negate the other.  We can only hope.




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