Record-shattering heat bakes Alaska

This week Alaska has had crazy hot weather this week.

A searing dome of heat has laid itself out over interior Alaska, pushing temperatures to all-time records in several locations. The core of heat was lodged over south central Alaska where the mercury spiked into the mid-90s Monday, nearly 30 degrees above average and warmer than anywhere east of the Mississippi in the contiguous U.S. Valdez and Cordova both established new all-time record highs, climbing to 90 degrees. In Talkeetna, in the interior, the temperature hit a scorching 96 degrees Monday, a new all-time record, blasting by its previous hottest day of 91, set just the day before (Sunday). Nome soared to 84, a new record high for June. [emphasis mine]

The Arctic Ocean has had a long lasting cyclone wandering about for weeks. One explanation was related to the surrounding land losing its snow cover, creating a heat gradient with the sea ice.

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Climate change?  What climate change?

first, I have a question on protocol. When I want to share a discussion with my family and friends on Facebook, what procedure do you recommend? Do I ask the author's permission first? Do I select fLike? and tTwitter? Or is there another preferred procedure to follow? 

Now, to weather, I lived for two years (1959-1961) near Kenai, south of Anchorage and we had cool summers, (60s and 70s), and cold, bitter winds in winter, with the exception of warming spells both Decembers. Obviously, this is anecdotal so has no real significance to current events.
During summers, we went into central Alaska and Fairbanks. Those were hot, miserable and mosquito filled days in the low 90s. I would love to sit down with native people to learn how their lives change with these weather pattern changes. Lives of many natives are difficult, even as they have more fun with life than the military families I knew. 

What does this do to the ice flows and glaciers?  I thought the polar bears were already in serious trouble.

Yeah, and permafrost.




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