I know that this group loves cats.  (Booklover, I'm looking at you!)  My partner and I recently adopted a paralyzed young cat named Link.  He's a little less than two years old, we think, and his previous owner was more or less abusive.  He was left on a peed on couch cushion for months, half starved, and had his whiskers cut off.  I guess that's where you end up when you think that animals are something to have "dominion" over.  I swear, I hate that Bible verse as much as any other.

Alright, so that's the sob story, but here's the hopeful part.  The regular vet sent us to a neurology specialist, and they tell us he could walk again with surgery.  But I am out of a job, and honestly, we're only able to feed ourselves by spending down our savings.  I really hate to ask for this kind of help from you guys, but I feel like this is the sort of thing I would have gone to my church family for years ago, and I am hoping you can fill in for them here.

Link's a fighter.  When we first got him, we weren't sure he'd make it overnight.  But the comeback he has made in the past week is astounding.  I really believe he can be a happy and healthy cat if he can get his surgery.  I put his story in 60 seconds up on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTMc7Uu6Gqo.

Since then, we've been working on a kitty walker for him!  You can find the first pictures of it at his Facebook page, here:  Facebook.com/HelpLinkWalkAgain

Anywho, if you could share his video or his Facebook page, I would be incredibly, from the bottom of my heart grateful.  If you wanted to share it elsewhere, you might instead use a direct link to his donation page, Fundly.com/help-link-walk-again.  We've gotten literally zero donations today, and we're a little bit afraid that it's not going to take off on the interwebs.  Anything you can do to help, whether it's money or just spreading the word, would be incredibly appreciated.  This little guy deserves a second chance.  I would be incredibly grateful to you if Atheist Nexis could help him get it.

Thanks guys  Now that you've seen my Facebook and YouTube, you know my real name, but I still feel like signing this with my old screen name from before I came out as an atheist.  You guys helped me through that, I would be so grateful if you could help us through this too.  <3

Humble Pie

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Sorry, Humble Pie. I think surgery for such a badly abused pet isn't a sound investment. Every day hundreds of perfectly healthy never abused cats are put down because no one would adopt them. If you can't even feed a pet without spending down your savings, I'd recommend having this sad pet put down and finding a healthy pet who also needs a good home. Like human beings who've been abused, pets carry lasting psychological scars. Link is likely to have issues. On the other hand, if you're a "rescuer", good luck. I don't identify as a rescuer.

Scars or otherwise, you should see the video.  He is rebounding well.  He is actually purring right now as I type.  His whiskers are growing back, he's gained weight, and he's using his back leg's to hold himself up, all things that are new since a week ago.  If he can come this far in a week, there is no limit to what he can do.  And that was the specialist's opinion, too.

I don't have a good feeling about Link's future ... but I wish him the very damned BEST ... and it seems to me he's in pretty good hands at that.

I think it's actually looking up.  Like I said, he's made an incredible recovery in just the last week.  He's definitely got this.

Thanks booklover. That's what my partner and I said, too. When we brought him home it was incredibly touch and go, but we decided to give it a couple of days and see what happened. It was such a difference, and it's kept getting better day by day. We just posted some new pictures of him from this afternoon. It's so good to me to see how much he's changed in only a week and a half!

Thanks again for sharing his story. :)




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