I never really gave her a lot of thought until she died.  I listened to one of her songs for the first time yesterday.  She isn't to my personal taste, but I can see why people enjoyed her music.  I am wondering if she is the Kurt Cobain of a new generation, although, I doubt she killed herself.  I am guessing she unintentionally ODed.


At any rate, I am trying to figure out her appeal and I'm having a hard time.  She wasn't super pretty like most singers today and she didn't sound so incredibly synthesized like they usually do anymore (which is why I listen to music recorded before the voice correction devices or singers who don't use them.  I like to listen to people with actual talent and not a super plus bra size and bleached blond hair.)  All I can figure is she was the complete antithesis to all these no talent ultra good looking hacks the studios push these days. 


So if she has any fans out there, could you explain her appeal.  Thanks.

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Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones said of Amy that she was his favourite performer. That was before she died. He was referring to her musicianship, songwriting talent and singing ability. She was exceptional.

Amy was from North London, England, a borough called Camden Town which is a traditional home for  alternative music/lifestyles. There she flourished. Below is a graffitti art tribute to Amy, painted yesterday at Camden Lock by the street artist Banksy. 

She was the daughter of Jewish parents who survive her.


I never liked Amy Winehouse, but I do like some over the top artists. 


I have no idea.
I'm a child of the 70s and 80s, so funny looking, skanky, even drug addicted is okay as long as the person has talent. I loved Madonna and Boy george after all. I figured she must have had some real talent. It's not really the synth music that bothers me, it's the voice correction devices. Heck, even I could sing on key and sound great with those. I saw a clip where Neil degrasse tyson (who is a terrible singer) demonstrated both his real horrible singing voice and the corrected one. He sounded great with electronic assistance. I just think to make a living as a singer, a person should naturally be on key without electrical help. I think amy winehouse was the real Mc coy as far as using her real unperfected voice. I respect that, but her voice is not to my personal taste.




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