For those of you who keep up with such things, I wrote a blog entry yesterday on what I would want a believer to know about who I am as an atheist and where I stand on issues related to atheism and religion.  Well, this morning, I figured what the heck - and I got a template for a tri-fold brochure and started putting something together.  It has the substance of my blog entry, though modified and enhanced, plus a few other tidbits to introduce itself.

So WHY did I do this?  Well, I've seen a couple atheist tracts out there, but most of them deal with religion, the problems of religion and faith.  Very few if any deal with where atheism stands, which was the point of my blog.  There's a ton of misinformation out there about who atheists are and what we're about, and I sought to correct that.

Is it perfect? [sputter-gasp-choke!] Oh, SUUUUUUUUUURE it is ... on days that don't end in "Y" (at least in English-speaking countries!).  It's something I threw together with copious amounts of cut-and-paste, a couple of graphics, and probably way too much text, but so it goes.  It's very likely WAY too wordy, has too small a font, particularly for Page 2, and could use a healthy dose of editing.

CUE THE PEANUT GALLERY!  Okay, okay, the Atheist Gallery!  My little opus is attached to this discussion.  Download it, give it a look.  Tweak it, freak it, and upload your take on it back here and let's see what we can hash out.  Stipulated, to quote Alan Sherman,

We all have heard the saying that is true as well as witty,
That a camel is a HORSE that was designed by a committee!

I figure, why not take a shot at it and see what comes of it.  Anybody wanna play?

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I very much liked it and asked if I could put it on Facebook with attribution to you? I'll check your Blog. 

Rock and roll, Joan!  If you hear something, repost it here, please.

Will do. Thanks!

Okay, I've applied a few tweaks since the last iteration:

  • Changed the color background
  • Changed The Thinking Atheist pic to Hi, Mom!  I'm an Atheist.
  • Some modifications to the wording both on Pages 1 and 2

Have a look at your leisure, and please, if you have suggestions for improvements, PLEASE LET ME HEAR THEM!  Either that or redo it yourself and upload it here!





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