Okay, this is overdue.  It's past time I introduced you to four gentlemen whose music I have been enjoying one way or another since 1976, when a good friend brought an album of theirs into the sound studio where I worked at that time.  The album was entitled: Oregon - Distant Hills.  It was classified as jazz, and jazz it is, for the improvisation shown off in the solos of its four members and the warming, beautiful ensemble they created playing together.

Worthy of note: Oregon formed out of the first Paul Winter Consort back in 1970.  Forty-three years later, they are still making incredible music together, music of a kind you likely don't hear every day, but that, once heard, you may find you want to hear more of.  That said, allow me to post the following, and perhaps more as time and interest warrant.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present: Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Glen Moore and Mark Walker, known together as Oregon.

The piece is "ReDial," from their album: Ectopia.

And by way of contrast, here is "Hexagram," from their latest work: Family Tree.

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Really good music. Thanks Loren.

I suppose I should have mentioned the following right off the get-go ... because this is the first piece that I heard off that Oregon album my friend brought in.  Side One, Cut One: "Aurora:"

Please listen.  Please enjoy.

Now my relax list along with Four Play. ;)


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