Written by me. Criticism welcome.

And in the end

So many million years from now,

somewhere near a galaxy's edge,

an aging star expands,

turning worlds to atoms.

Vapour and dust become surf

on a red-hot solar wind,

surging through icy space

until they find gravity.

They are the atoms, friends,

of everything that ever

lived, breathed and bred

on this lovely Earth.

Mine, yours, the remains

of all we were, knew

loved and touched

on an interstellar safari.

Some will become dust

on a comet roaming free

or in an eccentric orbit

through the millenia.

Some will become water,

the drops in a rainbow

above a blue-green world

that has its life to come.

All will be a part

of something, somewhere

until the Universe slows down

to its final, eternal rest.

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Replies to This Discussion

I like it very much, thanks for sharing!

This is beautiful, Ian.  I love how you avoided any mythological names and anthropomorphism, as I have seen in other poems on this subject.  Your poem shows you really don't need those to illustrate the beauty of the universe.  Well done.  Any plans for the poem?

Thank you very much, everyone. No, no real plans.

Well written.  I look forward to being a part of the continuation.

I like the distance and time scale.

I really like it - did you also post it in the poem group on the site?

Thanks. Yes, I did.




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