Yet another case of serendipitous stumbling, I suppose in finding this piece.  We've all either asked or been asked the question, "But what if you're wrong?" about the issue of the existence of god, what we would think and what the consequences might be.  I found the commentary of the YouTube user Theoretical Bullshit to be both thoughtful and provocative, and I recommend the following highly.

Please enjoy

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Randall,  Thanks for posting this video. I've asked myself the same question.  I would love a transcript of it. My only faulting is the title, I almost didn't watch it because of it.  Such a calm and rational thought process. If this young man represents the youth of today, there is hope.  

Ummm ... "Randall?"

Sorry Loren ... first cup of coffee ... reading, reading other posts ... obviously not paying attention here. :)

Coffee ... more coffee ... clearly MUCH more coffee needed here...!  [grin!]

On the YouTube page you can see a very rough, machine-generated transcript.

A couple of highlights, that I cleaned up:

"...there are two very interesting characteristics that have always been attributed to this god: one is omnibenevolence, optimal love, optimal compassion ... and the other is omniscience, knowing everything that could possible be known about anything ... if this being exists, it knows me ... this is not a mystery; he is not sitting up in heaven racking his brain trying to figure out why Scott can't seem to believe; this god would be acutely aware of my history.... God would understand intimately my reasoning and my thought process....

"I would be absolutely floored if I found out... that the Christian god specifically exists, and ... the first thought that would even enter into my mind, I know, would be, what was wrong with my reasoning?....

"Even if it turned out that I was wrong, I have a hard time imagining that this god would be offended by me and my thought process, offended enough to allow for me to endure unbearable torment for all of eternity -- and not as a form of discipline or correction or redemption, since it never ends. There's nothing constructive about hell. You don't come out of hell a better person; you don't come out at all. And so the only reason for the existence of such a thing would be vengeance.... in the meantime, you know, extreme rapists and murderers and child molesters are welcomed into heaven with open arms so long as they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior before their demise....

"I don't know how I would be able to handle spending eternity alongside a being whose idea of compassion and fairness makes me sick to my stomach, a being whose empathy would be so easily trumped by his vanity."

I think this is a central point to the point Scott ("Theoretical Bullshit") was trying to make.  To take it one step further regarding god's putative omniscience, if indeed god knows all things that have been, are and will be, There Is NO WAY Scott Could Have Been ANY OTHER WAY!

Either that or Yahweh AIN'T all that and a bag of chips!


Related: Jim Huber asking bible-thumpers how they dare question their god's decision to make him an atheist!

Thank you so much!  I'm not all that gifted w/my computer, (rarely watch youtube) plus I have hearing loss.  Was great to be able to read it!  Then in addition, discovered he has several other videos.

Again thanks - and thanks again to you Loren.

Just doin' what I can, Barbara ... and you're more than welcome.  Thinking about it, though, there is a WHOLE LOT worth watching on YouTube, and not all of it related to atheism.  If you ever need suggestions, give a shout.

This young man does a very good job of answering the question.

However, I hate that stupid question and would not answer it.  I would say "You should be asking yourself that question.  I have mountains of good evidence that I'm right and you're wrong, whereas you have no good evidence that you are right.  So, you should be asking that question of yourself, not me."

I especially like his last sentence: "Good thing I'm not wrong."

Try my biblical approach to "what if you are wrong." People ask us this question wanting an atheist to be a christian because you might be wrong and "you might burn." Well god says in Revelation that "if you are lukewarm he will spew you out of his mouth." Wouldn't that mean that if you want to be christian just to cover yourself, that you really are not covered? Looks like you thought you took out the life insurance but it wasn't valid!


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