I've only been here a short time, but have already discovered a kind of thinking which really disturbs me: anti-religionism. What I mean by that is spewing hateful and ignorant comments about the practitioners of religion by lumping everyone in the same boat with the extremists, who are to be found in every religion.

So while it's OK to not believe in the myths of religion, and a good idea to resist encroachment on the wall of separation of church and state, and to fight against those who pervert religion to their own evil ends, it's NOT OK to universally condemn people who happen to believe, and are doing their best to live a good and moral life without harming anyone else.

Any religionist with an ounce of common sense knows that you can't take religious writings literally, and people of good-will find the gems and discard the dross. This is particularly true of the practitioners of the Abrahamic religions. Just because Muslim terrorists took down the Trade Towers doesn't make all Muslims bad. Nor does Anders Breivik make all Christians bad. Nor does (I forget his name) who gunned down Muslims praying at a mosque make all Jews bad.

Of course there are things in ancient writings that we no longer accept today -- not just atheists, but thinking religionists as well. The world has changed, and at least some of us have ethically grown and matured. This includes religious as well as non-religious people.

The real problem with ignorance and bigotry is that it doesn't know it is ignorant and bigoted. And atheists and agnostics are not immune to it any more than the religious are.


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Now that, I agree with.

Yes, but then, you can't really argue that such folks are "the few, rather the many, either", meaning that religionists are generally pretty tolerant people.  BTW, I have also had sexual relationships with women in my life-even married one and had a daughter who I love dearly-and no rabbi's blessing was necessary.

  My daughter knows of my sexuality and it hasn't scarred her one bit.  I have custody of her and we have a pretty normal life, despite the fact that no religion would sanction my life choices.  (Yet religions of every stripe still advocate a very narrow view of the term "family", as reality seldom enters into the religious viewpoint of what "is" or "should be" considered normal. 

About the anti-gay vs Jewish equation, there actually are quite a few gay Jews, and I, also Jewish (now Jewish atheist) never had any problem with them.  The haredim (ultra orthodox -- translation:  super observant -- Jews) are actually not that large in number.  The rest of us, conservative and reform, are pretty cool with the live and let live system.  Reform Judaism started in the US and is probably still the largest faction.  Just sayin' ....
Actually, Reform Judaism started in Germany in the mid-1800's and was brought to the US by immigrants at that time. I am actually a member of a Reform temple, and know of one other man there who is an atheist. I talked to the Rabbi, and she's cool about it. There is also an atheist Rabbi, Jeffrey Falick, in Florida, and a Society for Humanistic Judaism that serve atheistic Jews. You DON'T have to believe in god to be a Reform Jew -- but you do have to believe in being a good, ethical human being!

Hey-that works!     And it's lot's quicker! Gee, thanks JohnD!!

LMAO. This is a good topic. Who posted it?
Ah, yes. Natalie Sera. I love a good 'smack down' too, John D. What a coincidence. Like I said my archived blog-o-screed is loaded with them. I just always feel like I'm not doing my best when I take pot-shots at unarmed believers when I ought to be carrying forth the banner of a superstition-free, naturalistic atheist's weltanshauung to the Christian infidels! There are more misconceptions about us on their side than the other way around. So why should I promote that stereotyping?
John D.~
I see...how long have you felt this way?
You do know that the condition of chronic pimples on the posterior has been linked to poor impulse control and unmanageable a
nger toward Protestants and Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews and the Amish. 

Natalie I am sooo glad you wrote this.  I've actually been thinking the same thing since I joined the site in late May this year.  But I was too scared to say anything.  I was afraid of the reactions I would get from others here. I don't like conflict and arguing with people - so I never brought it up.

I agree that we should not condemn people who happen to believe and do not harm others. We should be tolerant of other viewpoints.

I also notice that the anti-religionists that are bigoted and non-tolerant of theists are actually behaving just like the bigoted and non-tolerant religious folk.

Thank you so much!!


I just find pure enjoyment whenever I poke a stick at a lobotomized, yet thoroughly and astonishingly rapacious, bewilderingly myopic, and truly stupid-to-the-core Primate, i.e. the Modern Homo Sapien.  After all, there really is nothing else to do at this point; everything in this godforsaken world is utterly and entirely in shambles and I directly blame the average voter...


I may be GOD, but I am also most certainly a MISANTHROPE.

Steph S.~
Hey, kiddo! Never hesitate to plunge right in. I've actually been detaching lately from anti-religious, ad hominem argumentiveness. Don't get me wrong. I've written a hundred spirited, profanity-laced 
spleenful attacks in my blog over past decade about predatory religious institutions holding humanity hostage in a medieval dungeon of bad think-ology ---so I have lots to "confess"---if I had a atheist confessor over at The Brights...I would! Hell yes, I would.  But last I checked, that position is still interviewing pissed-off, old atheists... hoping to find one with empathy and good listening skills.
I appreciate that -- thanks!  I will do that. : )

sorry but the acts of a few can ruin the image of many


"just because the nazis killed some jews doesnt mean all nazis are bad"


"just because some of the branch davidians let their kids sleep with david koresh does not make them all bad"


etc. etc.


of course i find it so funny this idea of good and bad, that there is some sort of universal morality.. there is not. people should really get used to saying " to me this is good, or to me this is bad". 


of course atheism is not even a group like thing, it is simply the rejection of belief, so the fact that athiest nexus and other atheist groups are popping up is odd. i suppose it is because of the amount of saturation religion has on our society, and i suppose if 90% of the country believed in some variation of big foot we would see athiest bigfoot groups online. 


you speak as tho athiesm carries a label more than just not believing in god. 


it does not mean anything more than that, so to speak on the ethics and morality of a group as a whole when the group does not have any stated beliefs or goals, and is not a group is silly. 


i will go so far as to say to me being religious does make you a bad person. there is no "good" person who believes in god. god is the absence of morality. god is the crutch for those one thought away from rape and murder. 


religion also slows down human progress and has made it so instead of a nice logical rational peaceful world, i was born into a shitstorm full of economic darwinists who think greed is good and justify their morality by worshiping they own inner voice. 


religion has done enough damage to me to mean that if you are religious you are bad, the same as if you said you are a nazi



let's see:


nazis: tortured people, mass extermination, mass aggression, took away freedom and free thought


religion: inquisition, witch burning, crusades, terrorists, cults, theft of money of members, book burning, killing of philosophers, suppression of science. 


did some of the nazis do good things? sure. but overall the majority has judged them as bad due to the gross evil things they did, hopefully some day religion will be regarded in the same light. 



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