Any Babymetal fans here besides me? I have to ask because 1) I really like Babymetal and 2) Babymetal unknowingly played a role in my journey out of religion.

For those who are unfamiliar with Babymetal, here is a link to one of their most popular videos:

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Chris, I've never heard of Babymetal.  I watched the video and read through their Wikipedia page to get a general summary of them.  I'm quite interested in knowing how they helped in your journey out of religion.

Thanks for asking, Flying Atheist. I'm still working on the story of my journey, as it is long and convoluted, as i suspect many atheist's stories are. I'll tell you a little about Babymetal's part here.

Babymetal is perhaps the only band which comes with its own "religion." I put religion in quotation marks because I am not sure that it has any adherents, so perhaps mythology would be a better word to use. Except that word implies there is more to it than there is (origins of humanity and the world, or "why rabbits have a tiny little tuft for a tail," etc.). But I digress.

The trio sometimes refers to "The Fox God," and that character sometimes appears in narration which is part of their concerts. Most famously, the "god" is referred to in response to questions to which the girls have no answer. Questions such as, "When will you release another album" are almost always answered with the phrase, "Only The Fox God knows!" In addition, the trio claims to sing songs "The Fox God" has given them to sing, although they admit to never having seen him or heard him speak. (Sounds like a religion, doesn't it?)

As I questioned my faith more and more (I grew up in the Presbyterian Church USA), I found myself using that phrase in place of prayer. Instead of praying to find my car keys, I would simply ask myself if I would find them quickly. The answer, of course, was, "Only The Fox God knows!" I began to take comfort in this phrase. It was a great way to remind myself there are things beyond my knowledge and beyond my control. Will Uncle Morrie recover from his stroke? Why are there natural disasters? Is there a higher purpose to life? Only The Fox God knows!

I began using Babymetal's Fox God in place of the religion I had embraced most of my life. (There was a period just after High School in which I questioned Presbyterianism and explored many different denominations, as well as a few other religions. I came right back to Presbyterianism. But that is another story.) And since the girls claimed (I assume as part of their characters. Japan Idols rarely appear out of character.) they sang songs The Fox God gives them, I came to think of them as "prophets," of sorts. I began to examine their songs and found what I consider to be good messages. Some of these include:

I began to think of  Babymetal as a real-world parallel of Bill & Ted, creating music with the message, “Be excellent to each other.”

I also came to realize that comforting Fox God phrase worked even if there was no Fox God. "Is The Fox God real? Only The Fox God knows!" I seemed to have found a "god" who didn't have to be real and whose message was more consistent than that of the God of the Bible.

It would be inaccurate to say Babymetal led me out of religion. But they were certainly a part of that journey.

[In THIS VIDEO, Babymetalcraze speculates that The Fox God is Inari, although I've never heard Babymetal use a name for The Fox God, and as Babymetalcraze explains, Inari does not always appear as a fox.]

I forgot to include No Rain No Rainbow, which is a beautifully melodious song about grief, which does not invoke a god nor an afterlife.

Eating squid is not bad, but a little bland for my taste.  I enjoy octopus.

Interesting fusion. Their style really is Babymetal. <chuckle> But not my kind of music. Thanks for the introduction.

They claim the name refers to a new (baby) subgenre of metal music.

Flying Atheist reminded me of No Rain No Rainbow, which you might find much more melodious.




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