Hi, Ruth! Thanks for the warm invitation.

 I usually talk about serious, heavy stuff on AN, but this site seems to allow for some frivolity. I followed your suggestion and responded directly to Eric S. about his proposed Apostasy Group - very interesting.

Hello to all my ethereal friends (not to be mistaken with the imaginary friend of the theists) out there on the net!  I have been searching the web and stores to compare the bewildering assortment of electronic or digital book readers and tablets.  Is anyone else out there on this quest?  When I discovered that I could download "God Is Not Great" for free, directly from my public library, I was hooked!  This was not just an eBook, but an Audio-book narrated by the author.  I downloaded library books to my regular computer.  I have no laptop.  There are limitations on reading from a desk top.  So, I began to lust after one of these eReaders. These eBook readers can do everything but feed the dog!  Some have speakers, note-taking ability, voice recording, radio, movies, music library, photos, some can browse the net, get e-mail, and more.  The cheapest new one is about $70.  They go very high for a tablet or large size eReader.

Well folks, tell me all you know and whether you found an eBook Reader that suits you.



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  Hey Dogly I have had a KINDLE from Amazon for two years now and I absolutely love it!! It has "text to voice", note taking, and the ability to go online (mine being the slightly older model the online isnt very convienent. It may be better on the newer model)

  The prices are much cheaper than regular book buying, and most classics which reside in the public domain are free or .99. Yes I bought the entire collected works, unabridged, of Twain, Shakespere, Poe, Vern, Wells, and others for about 10.00 total. And my library goes where I go.

  The downloading is very quick, and I get a signal (so far) from every place in US Iv been and Im a trucker and a soldier....thats alot of places! 

  I cant recommend the KINDLE enough!! Please ;et us know what you end up doing. 

Thank you, Gecko, for your kind suggestion.  The only negative aspect of Kindle, for me, is its inability to get library books.


Who says progress is myth? When soldiers (like you are and I was) as well as teamsters can carry the Harvard library of classics around with us, the world is perpetually renewed!
If I traveled I suppose I would get one, but for now I am a happy bookworm. :)

I've got an IPAD. I pretty much use it just as an e-reader and don't know a whole lot about the other functions.  What I like about it is that it's backlit, so I can read in any light, and that I can change the font to suit my vision/comfort.  I did notice that there are books that ARE available for the Nook (Barnes & Noble's version of the e-reader) that are NOT available on the IPAD.  However, I just downloaded a free Nook app and now I have two libraries.

I will say this, though.  I miss bookstores.  And I miss finding unexpected treasure just by browsing in a bookstore.  That doesn't happen when you're e-shopping.

I have a Kindle. It works fine but took some getting used to... My 'ex' has the Sony Reader...she likes it but it doesn't seem to have improved her overall cleverness...much...(she reads murder mysteries and adultery-filled thrillers about ex-wives, Brazilian pool boys, unethical lawyers and deceased husbands.)
I love the Kindle. In fact, I'm thinking about upgrading to the new one that does feed the dog.
BTW. Frivolity is welcome as far as I'm concerned. Actually, I've always been accused of too much heavy-osity rather than the opposite.

I haven't been convinced to get one of those. I could spend as low as $70 and download a library book and get other books for cheap--or I could spend nothing and borrow free books from libraries and get cheap books at Goodwill and borrow books from friends.


What are our descendents going to fill up their bookshelves with?!

No! Gasp! I can't stand to think of books as bedbug vectors. How DARE they! Those bloodthirsty little varmints stowing away in elegant and rare volumes, and into our homes. Those interesting books on the garage sale table, that beautiful art book at the thrift shop -crawling with bedbugs!  The scourge of middle ages, the very misery of the poor. Yuck! They're Back. Oh, Alysn.  What a Pandora's Box you have opened.

Another good reason for getting an eReader.

I have been using the Kindle app for my android phone and love it to pieces.  Amazon is my choice for books for the same reasons Gecko posted, plus the book availability is not limited like I've found happens with other places like B&N.


So my vote is for Kindle, and if you're like me (frugile doesn't even begin to describe) you can settle for using the free app on your phone.  Barnes & Noble has similar with it's Nook app if you prefer them.

Can I load Kindle/Whisper Net apps to my BlackBerry 9780?

Thanks for all the good suggestions!  I was looking for an eReader that would do several things: have good speakers, be able to download WMA (for public library books) and MP3 for audio books and music, have a large 7" e-ink page, and be able to return to your place (is that bookmark?).

Now I'm leaning toward one of the new MP3 players that play audio books.  Some have 4 or even 8 gigs of built in memory with micro cards to expand.  Then I could get a used Nook or similar e-ink  reader with the biggest screen but no frills - no wi-fi or sound.

Hey Dog!

  I dont know how much money you have to spend BUT! When it comes to audiobooks Iv been very pleased with the IPOD 120 gig...I have a bunch of audiobooks, as well as film,podcast, University lectures, and a ton of music. As a long haul trucker the IPOD has been indespensible.




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