I welcome new members, and it never fails to amaze me how antiauthoritarian the newbies can be.

Their About Me answers are often along these lines: (actual answers)

The antithesis.


And I am required to say something here... because?

I'll fill this out later.


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In a country that makes kids say "under god" when reciting the Pledge, tying patriotism and religious belief together, non-believers feel righteous indignation (or at least I did) and resent the system.  When the money a non-believer earns bears the phrase "In God We Trust", the feeling of being marginalized leads to more resentment, etc.  I can relate.
I'm not a sheep, and I don't let other people do my thinking for me.
To me the request for "About Me" is along the lines of a stranger entering a group, and someones saying, "So, AKron, tell us a little bit about yourself." as an ice breaker. I fail to grasp how asking for your thoughts about yourself can be interpreted as Atheist Nexus trying to do your thinking for you. I'z confusulated

Well now.  After re-reading mine, I'm feeling so-not-very anti-authoritarian and that puts me out of sorts with myself (more than usual!).


Maybe people are interpreting what "About me" is for?  I didn't see it as "O MAH LAWD, DA MAN MAKETH ME!!1" so much as "This is a rough sketch since you can't see and don't have the luxury of striking up conversation on the street with me" sort of thing.


I'm going to go change mine to: quasi-enigmatist.  Mass cool points, right?!  :P

My response was short when I first signed up here -- I just put "I'm an Atheist", because it says you have to be approved first.  I was new and didn't know anyone on the site yet -- but, as I became more comfortable on the site I elaborated on my information. 

However, I am also not a sheep and don't like being told what to do.  So I guess I do reject authority, but I can't speak for all Atheists.   Love the Lolcat you chose for the discussion!

I just joined a few months ago, and I think it is very difficult to fill out these types of questions before you get a sense of the community.  Also, if people live in areas where they may be treated differently because of their non-beliefs, they may be a bit wary to go full steam ahead.

I also think, as a bunch, we're so diverse in the other areas of our lives.  You sentiments, which I agree with, reminded me of an article I read years ago about an anarchists' picnic.  One person brought beans, and everyone else brought paper plates. ;-)  Sometimes a little information is just helpful.

Ruth, thank you for this topic. I hope what I say here will help others.

I recently told a retired Naval officer I distinguish between authoritarian and authoritative. He'd said he had experienced authoritarianism at the Naval Academy. He came around to my POV.

Is a double-dose of authoritarianism possible?

Yes. My "old-world-father-is-god, duty-driven ethnic German" dad sent his kids to Catholic schools.

In college I rebelled intellectually against religion. I visited the student atheist club where the people I heard were themselves in rebellion. With more certainty than this mathematics major had, they were denying the existence of deities. I chose agnosticism and greatly increased my freedom and my happiness.

In my work (computers) I was an independent contractor; I liked the work and did well.

Happily for children and for me, during a seven-year marriage I chose to have none. For different but related reasons, my wife chose similarly.

I rebelled emotionally between 41 and 45 (in my teens I'd feared a rebellion's consequences). My rebellion resulted in the best thing that happened in my life: several years in hardball politics where the experts metaphorically took my head off and handed it to me. I retired early and spent 15 years researching and writing for publication on democracy.

My sibs partly rebelled; before my dad died he knew we had all left Catholicism. I told my sibs the Tom they'd grown up with had died, which totally puzzled them.

After fifty years of seeing no evidence for deities, I gave the issue some more thought and climbed down from the agnostic's fence.

Still, nothing fires me up like authoritarianism. I'm a "First Amendmentarian".

I'm still in rebellion; as Brits do and as I did just above, when periods (full stops) belong outside quotes, I place them there.

From lust I came; to dust I will go.


This Yank sees Brit prose online but doesn't know the rule(s).

I tease Brits about learning to spell "favor". (I "done" it again.)

I enjoy "Why Don't the English...." from that too-traditional Lerner-Loewe "My Fair Lady".

I was taught to put punctuation outside of quotes as well, in public school and in college English courses (I am Canadian). I didn't know Americans wrote punctuation differently.

Our Thomas Jefferson, allegedly because he wanted to demonstrate our independence from England, changed a rule of Parliament.

He wasn't thinking. From Parliament's "Buy at a low price and sell at a high price" and increase the nation's wealth, he produced our "Buy at a high price and sell at a low price" and go broke. Happily, it's a rarely-used procedure known as filling a blank.


I teach at a historically black college in Georgia.  Apparently, I have far more African American students of Canadian and British extraction than I ever suspected . . . .
I follow the US custom for punctuation, but consider it idiotic.


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