Religious people claim that their moral standrds are defined by religion and god. What or who defines atheist moral standards? Should atheists have some universally agreed and well defined moral standards? Willl having such moral standards make atheists a well defined community?

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Are you trying to bait me? Anyway, the answer may not be very far from you!!

Using power to hurt or exploit any with less power.  This includes all the other animals as well.

Individuality characterizes atheistic moral standards.
I think that "To thy self be true" would be a good common moral practice among atheists because if you begin by lying to yourself you'll be a phoney baloney to everyone else as well.

To thy self be true"

Clarence Dember

Nothing could be truer than this.


Sometimes, I try to be a little less true to myself.  Having gotten to know me a little over the years, I try to be better than that.




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