Do you just put up fall stuff or do you go all the way and put up Halloween stuff?  Do you like Halloween?  Are you wearing a costume or making holiday plans?


I have a ton of Halloween decorations I  inter nd out as soon as we're done painting (hopefully today or tomorrow).  We're going as the Wizard of Oz as a family.  I have finished the kids' Dorthy and Toto costumes.  Dh is doing his own thing as the Scarecrow and I have to finish. my Wicked Witch of the West costume - the only thing an old "sinner" like me could be.  LOL!  I used to love acting.  IMO, it's always more fun to be the bad guy.   The cool thing is next year, we'll be gathering costumes from over the years and heading to the Ren Faire as the Inquistion.  Oooo....


I love this time of year as much as Christmas.  What are you doing?

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I would have decorated already, but dh has a "plan".  This is what happens when you marry someone whose parents were so religious, he never got to celebrate Halloween.  I think doing the "fall" only thing some xtians do is lame.  I go all the way.  I already have my scarecrow cowboy sitting in a rocking chair with his pistol and whiskey.  I am sure my uber xtian neighbors are having a massive coronary, but my catholic aunt thought it was a hoot.  Someone's already checked out my dollar store pistol and my (apple cider vinegar) "whiskey. Like I'm going to put the real thing on my front porch.  It was probably those uber xtians.  Must have been a real disappointment.  Hee hee...

Or have her wear a long blonde wig, and be Ann Coulter.  (Who always reminds me of one of the women in The Crucible."  One of the ones hoping someone will be convicted and hanged so she can watch.)

Didja ever see Miss Velma and Dr. O.L. Jaggers on TV?  They had a statue of a white-haired "Jesus."  And an altar that looked like a rebuilt steam calliope.  Strangest "church" I ever saw.  I think they went to a studio's prop shop "going out of business sale."

There's one video of Miss Velma in a fairy/angel costume being slowly swooped across the stage in a flying harness.

O.L.'s sermons made absolutely no sense...he just repeated the same words over and over.


A bunch of us used to watch their show on Sunday mornings when we were hung over, or still partying.

Here's an early color video of their silly-a$$ altar...the whole thing is just crazy

Check out some of the other videos, just for fun.

Jesus and Ayn Rand - That's funny. I dressed up as a surgeon once and went to a bar near a hospital. A few people thought I was really a surgeon and just unloaded on me about medical problems and how bad their health insurance was. That was the last time I dressed up for halloween.
It is my favorite holiday, more so than Xmas. I decorate and I also plan on going to several haunted houses. There's one near Dallas I like a lot. They have really good actors. Would also like to go on a hayride. I also love to carve jack-o-lanterns. I'm just getting started with the decor. : )
I love the Ren Fest too. Might go to that if time permits.
The one here in Kansas City is fantastic.
What am I doing? NOTHING. Because I'm not any more into Pagan religious festivals than I am into Christian or Jewish ones. I prefer to celebrate things in my own way and on my own schedule. I know, I'm a Grinch, but I'm just not into commercialism and frenzy.

I live with my JW sister, so what does that tell you?  She hides in the back yard till Trick or Treat is over so that she won't be "contaminated" by all those satanic little kids in fairy princess and Star Wars costumes.

BUT...if I buy Halloween candy to hand out, she eats most of it herself before the day.

It used to be my favorite holiday...I guess it still is.  I like to think up "punny" costumes.  I think my best was red pumps, red shiny tights, red sweatshirt (or silk shirt), "tasteful" gold earrings, hair "just so," briefcase, and a long rubber forked tongue = Gloria All-Red.



I don't think I'll ever understand JWs.  Too bad her religion and her sweet tooth spoil your fun. :-(

Doesn't really spoil my fun, just hers. I still dress up to answer the door; most of the kids don't get my puns, but their parents often do.  This year I think I'm just going to do black slacks and one of my Cheezburger that they're rerunning this year:

Original LOLphoto & caption:


I'd like to get some black cat ears, and whiskers, but that's a bit much.

Your sister loves candy! : )

What are you dressing up for this year Sk8eycat?




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