Do you just put up fall stuff or do you go all the way and put up Halloween stuff?  Do you like Halloween?  Are you wearing a costume or making holiday plans?


I have a ton of Halloween decorations I  inter nd out as soon as we're done painting (hopefully today or tomorrow).  We're going as the Wizard of Oz as a family.  I have finished the kids' Dorthy and Toto costumes.  Dh is doing his own thing as the Scarecrow and I have to finish. my Wicked Witch of the West costume - the only thing an old "sinner" like me could be.  LOL!  I used to love acting.  IMO, it's always more fun to be the bad guy.   The cool thing is next year, we'll be gathering costumes from over the years and heading to the Ren Faire as the Inquistion.  Oooo....


I love this time of year as much as Christmas.  What are you doing?

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See above. ^

My sister loves food, and is a vegetarian, so the only protein she gets is from milk and cheese...mostly she eats white bread, chips, crackers, cookies, pies, cakes, cereal (sweetened).  Well, she does eat salads and cooked veg, but she always has to have pasta with it.  She weighs at least 250, looks like the "Before" in that animated "Sensa" (or something) ad I see every time I log on to my Home page.

I have been overweight myself, but never over 180, and since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ("die-a-beet-us"), I've been trying to behave myself.  Mostly I switched to whole grain breads, brown rice or barley instead of pasta, things like that, and a lot of chicken dishes...crustless quiches, but I eat bacon, butter and a lot of other conventional no-nos, and I don't bloody care. (she would never eat those)....she's too lazy to cook anything that takes 45 minutes to an hour, even though you can do a lot of other stuff while it's simmering and resting.  Anyroad, I've lost at least 20 lbs in the last year (and 10 the year before)  without depriving myself.


I'm going to repost this part of the Comment on my Profile:

Anybody who wants to know the truth about "scientific" research, weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, and diet, needs to read GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES by Gary Taubes.,_Bad_Calories

We've been lied to for 60+ years, ladies and gentlemen!  Almost all the stuff that's come out of NIH and CDC about diet and disease....fat and serum cholesterol, is based on ONE MAN's faulty work, and spead by his disciples who graduated from Harvard and went to work for the gov't.

I'm talking about Dr. Frederic Stare, who was head of the Nutrition Science Dept at Harvard for almost his entire career.  He also wrote a syndicated newspaper column that was very popular (my mother thought he was second only to god, and did herself some serious harm over 30 years of following his "advice."), and spread the word that fatty foods like meat and eggs were the sole cause of cholesterol in the arteries.  WRONG!

 /end rant....for now


I have to log out.  My 'puter is trying to freeze up on me!

Thanks for the wiki article!
I don't generally decorate because I live in an apartment with which I can do pretty much nothing. But I LOVE getting dressed up, and I'll usually go to as many parties and events as I can for an opportunity to do so. Still don't know what I'll do for a costume, but I'll be going to an event at the museum, an acting workshop, a masque thrown by some pagan friends of mine (possibly their samhain ritual too, as those can be cool), and probably a NaNoWriMo kickoff party. I love Halloween-- it's the one day a year you can dress as crazy as you like, and people respond by asking what you're dressed as, rather than thinking you're crazy. Plus, candy is awesome. ^_^
Sounds like fun.  The Samhain ritual sounds cool too, I know some people doing that too.

I've been to some really neat ones-- back when I was a pagan, mostly, but I don't have a problem with going still. Last year's was designed by a friend of mine, and involved using the symbolism of a clock, using the hours to symbolize different things. It was neat. The best was a few years back, involved being guided to each altar by the Fool and asked questions that were intended to make you look inside yourself for answers. It was a very powerful experience; I'd love to do it again, even now, it was so cool. Personally, I love rituals of any kind, I think they're neat.

What are you dressing up as, or what have you dressed up as?
I just put on a funny hat and give candy to kids who come around. We stopped going to costume parties the last 2 years. My husband finds costumes too hot.

how about putting him in a low-neckline, sleeveless leotard, sort of like a 1-piece bathing suit, and a practice tutu?  Hmmmm?  Would he wear something like that?  I went to a party once in something similar, but I also wore tights, pointe shoes, and shoved a pillow down the front of the leotard.  I had a sign on my back that said, "I SHOULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT!"  It was about the time that "My Fair Lady" was being shot at Warner's, and everyone (or, a lot of people) were having fits because Audrey Hepburn got the part of Eliza Dolittle, instead of Julie Andrews.

Does anybody even remember that song anymore?

There are a couple of photos on My Page somewhere of me at Halloween parties when I was In is a group shot, and even some of the straight guys came in drag.  The guy in the Harem pajamas was definitely straight! 




I went to another party as a toilet.  Kinda.


LOL!  Love it!

How about a toreador outfit with wings?  "Spanish Fly."

Sleazy (female) outfit and a purse full of quarters?  "2-bit Whore."

Sleazy (male) outfit and a reptile mask?  "Lounge Lizard."

Black tie and white poker chips in eyeglass frames..."Daddy Warbucks."

I LOVE to decorate for Halloween. It is easily my favorite holiday. And I'm even happier this year compared to last cause I can actually decorate this time (was in a wheelchair last year).


As far as dressing up...haven't decided yet...someone suggested Captain Morgan and then randomly striking the pose...but last I checked a costume that looks similar was like $150 to rent and 3x that to buy...

My wife redecorates according to the season, Halloween being one of the more complex themes.  My daughters, wife, niece, granddaughters and several friends all dress as witches - each year the costumes get more elaborate (and expensive).  I love carving pumpkins and creating costumes – in the past I've been the Wolf man, a zombie priest, a car crash dummy, Albert Einstein and this year I think I'll do a repeat on my Wall Street pig costume (if I can find all the crap).

I had a couple of costume ideas. One was to be the Venus-of-Willendorf-esque dancer from a J-Pop video (Pon Pon Wei Pon Pon) or Ursula from Disney's version of the Little Mermaid. Some friends and I were joking about the usage of the word "shitton" and I thought it would make a funny costume. You could have a 16-ton weight cardboard vest and a poo-swirl hat. ---I might do that, if I decide Ursula is too much effort.




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