So atheists have a higher IQ.This has left me with a warm feelling.


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Religion, the current theory goes, did not help people survive or reproduce necessarily, but goes along the lines of helping people to be paranoid

Jabal Kawanja

First a welcome. I would like more Asian and African atheists to participate in discussions here to make them more interesting than they presently are.

A person needs to be better intellectual to be an atheist but there is no direct relation between high IQ and being intellectual. Being intelligent and being an intellectual is not one and the same. It is an accepted fact that a highly intellectual persom need not have high IQ. An intellectual is a rational thinker, no more, no less.

Don't start bragging.

More college graduates than others fell for the government's drumbeating for the war in Viet Nam.

From a 1920s conference to another in the 1980s, specialists reported no progress in knowing what intelligence is.

Some college professors say IQ is a number you get after you take an IQ test.

I was in Mensa for a while and concluded that most of the men at meetings were socially retarded. One Mensa woman told me the men she met there knew some very clever ways to be cruel. I quit Mensa.

You hit that nail on the head. 

I'm not a logician but I'm seeing a definitional problem, or more likely a grudge, there.

Okay, a grudge.

You're excused. Enjoy.

I qualified for membership based on my GRE and the Mensa IQ test. I was invited and went to a meeting and met the largest group of pretentious assholes in one place than I had previously experienced. There was no way I would want to identify with that group.

The same here. The Mensa members were in love with their own intelligence but had no idea what to do with it - I was so happy that I had taken a seat near the exit!

I don't know whether a higher IQ and atheism are causally linked, sure in countries where theism is the norm it might be that atheists tend to be higher educated and perhaps above average in regards to intelligence yet in countries where many people are not raised religiously there does not really seem to be a link between IQ and religious belief. 

I agree with Rob here.

Rob van Senten

There is really no connection between atheism and IQ. If all atheists are to take an IQ test, we are certain to find a wide range of IQ figures. Religion and god are rather unimaginative ideas and discovering them to be so does not need an IQ of Einstein.


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