This ran in our local (Bryan/College Station, TX) paper on Thanksgiving Day.  Notice the cities listed on Santa's "naughty" list.  Our local xmas parade is on December 4th, and many of my atheist friends will be in the parade for the second year.  I think there will be more backlash because all the haters are primed after last year.  I'll keep you posted.

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Good stuff!  I dig it!  I also note that Cleveland, Ohio isn't on the "naughty" list ... reassuring!

Yes, good for you.  I imagine we will stay on the naughty list because of what happens at the parade.  We just have to keep trying!

I'm glad Austin,TX is not on the naughty list. We are a very progressive city!

Good luck in the parade.  I can't wait to hear about how it went!


Thanks.  Me and several friends will watch instead of marching.  We all decided we needed some in the parade, and some cheering on the sidelines.  My house is about a block away from the parade route, so watching the parade has been a 14 year tradition for me.

That's a great idea.  So often, crowds will just respond to how others respond.  Having atheists cheering and supporting those in the parade may have a domino effect.


Yup, Rochester Hills, MI is on the naughty list!  That is about 30 minutes from Detroit.  Richard Dawkins was scheduled to appear at a country club earlier this month and a contract was signed, but a club official found out Dawkins in an atheist, so the program was promptly cancelled!  

I remember seeing the stupid billboards for the "End of the World"/Harold Camping BS and I did LOL!  I would LOVE to see atheist billboards around here!  So glad that they are being displayed in so-called 'hot spots' and I hope they make a positive impact.

I remember reading about that incident with Dawkins.  Well, I suppose xtians like to love one another and believe that god is love, except for when it comes to fucking atheists!

Which billboards do you like most? Here are my favorites.

For a holiday-themed ad, I would love to see one that reads, "We're good for goodness sake!"  I like the two above, but I love the first one, as it shows a lovely person who states why she is good and productive in society... without religion.

That's a good point, Annie.  I think that using a real person and a real quote helps give a face to atheism - it may help people think "Hey, she looks like my sister;neighbor;daughter;best friend;me,etc.  Sooner or later, the point will come across that we aren't out-of-control, violent monsters, but just every day, law abiding folks.


Side thought - it is hard to believe that that negative stereotype still exists, considering the number of christians in prison v. the number of atheists.  IF atheists were immoral thugs running amok, it would be all over the news!  But it ain't ;)

What does that say about the average American's (lack of) critical thinking skills?  

Very nice, Ruth.  I like the first one.


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