I read this article earlier and I get it. There are tons of churches all over the place and they can't have just their lawns. No. They have to litter tax payer property with nativity scenes.

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This easily could have been posted under the thread 'Christian Family Values' because this is exactly what it is.

Your property - all taxpayers property is to be consumed and used for the glory of Jesus. Period. I've maybe met less than a half-dozen Christians in my lifetime that agreed their icons (baby plastic Jesus, Hay, Manger with accessories etc.) should be reserved to church property and/or their private homes. It's nearly universal - all Christians agree and feel totally and completely 'put upon' should you even slightly suggest - in the most polite manner possible - that maybe they should keep their friggin icons to themselves.

They tell you - in the most polite way possible - to go straight to Christian hell and deal with what they're doing. They are the 'majority' and we pretty much know how Christianity deals with minorities.

Right. It's part of the martyr complex. It's megalomania. Oh, and Patricia, not just their big buildings, but their flocks' lawns could be used, too. One of my fellow New Mexico humanists said in an email that this is counter-productive because next year, the christians will use their numbers and muscle out the atheists.

I think that just will make them look like asshats and atheists look like the put-upon saints (excuse the pun).

this guy is pretty upset about it too.......  although I find his comments abusive and offensive.... LOL

That was awful. Since he lives in England, where there is no church/state separation, maybe that's why this made him angry.

I've never heard any atheist complain about baby plastic Jesus and mangers and Christimas trees on government property for the reasons he cited in his video.

I have seem many complaints due to a neutral observer seeing such items on public taxpayer property looks like an endorsement of religion by the government entity involved. They are suppossed to be neutral and also often taxpayer funds ar eused to erect and maintain these items. That's also not showing neutrality.

Doris, you are so correct it makes goosebumps. 

Doris, how did you set up this site.  It exists exactly as I want mine, but I have not succeeded.  Especially, you have a "Like" button; how did you do that? and I would also like to have a "Share" button. Oh, I could go on, but everything you have is how I want mine to look.  HELP! Please!

I know these are stupid questions, but I know what I don't know and want to know.  Thanks. 

They aren't dumb. I clicked "add a discussion" on the group page. Then I pasted the link I'd already copied and kept typing.




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