Picture yourself in a sci-fi world with news headlines such has "Will the Arctic be ice free this September or next?" and "Ban Killer Robots". Wait! That's real news. Folks, "the future" has arrived.

Killer Robots: UN Official Joins Call For Ban

This sounds like common sense to me, like don't point a loaded gun at your head.

Robots that can attack and kill without human direction should be banned before they come into existence, according to a senior UN official.

Lethal autonomous robotics (LARs) have not yet been created but are described as "the next major revolution in military affairs".

The Terminator-style weapons systems could select, engage and kill targets without further human intervention once activated.

Christof Heyns (C), UN Special Raporteu Christof Heyns wants a global ban

Christof Heyns, UN special rapporteur on summary executions, called for a global moratorium as he presented a report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. 

"While drones still have a 'human in the loop' who takes the decision to use lethal force, LARs have on-board computers that decide who should be targeted," he said.

"The possible introduction of LARs raises far-reaching concerns about the protection of life during war and peace."

Their introduction will mean "machines and not humans, will take the decision on who is alive or dies,” he said, making it easier for States to go to war.

"If deployed, LARs will take humans ‘out of the loop'," Mr Heyns warned.

He concludes: "The Special Rapporteur recommends that States establish national moratoria on aspects of LARs, and calls for the establishment of a high-level panel on LARs to articulate a policy for the international community on the issue."

Human Rights Watch is co-ordinating the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, a new international coalition working to pre-emptively ban LARs. [emphasis mine]

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Just the thought of some one or thing can zero in on me, and if I displeased them, they have the capacity to do me harm, brings shutters through my whole body.

I am pro-woman having control of her own body and those who disagree could do what they will; what power would I have to protect myself?

I am pro-adults being in charge of their sexuality; from where would my threats come? 

I am pro-humanism with emphasis on science, reason, and human participation in facing life's challenges; who decides my fate?




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