Yesterday I saw Bedbug Apocalypse on Animal Planet. Among other things, they said 25% of US hotels have bedbug infestation. They recommended you get a small bright flashlight to check not only hotel rooms, but also seats in taxis, airplanes, subways, etc. before you sit down. I happen to have a phobia of bloodsucking parasites. *shudder*

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I just watched Earth 2100, a 2009 program about global warming causing civilization to collapse by 2100. The writers didn't imagine a bedbug apocalypse as an early stage problem in their scenario. Not that it's cause by climate change, but it is associated with overpopulation.
I still need to watch Earth 2100 - I need to put it on my list. Is it available for online viewing?
I watched Youtube, small screen low res and in segments. But I ran across this option to get full screen if you want to install a Veoh player. I can't vouch for it. If you haven't seen Earth 2100, it's worth your time.
It seems the most direct threat to physical health, as opposed to mental health, of bedbugs is poisoning from insecticides. Scores got sick, 1 died trying to kill bedbugs

This is poignant for me because about a week ago I got pesticide poisoning from a pyrethrin-containing flea spray. That stuff is far more dangerous than the label suggests. All I did was touch a couple of pillows that had been sprayed two days before and left to air dry. I washed my hands and then cooked. The food was contaminated enough to make me sick for more than a day.
I wonder what borax might do to the little guys.
I'll keep that in mind when I travel. Thanks for the information and link.

Ugh, bedbugs. I currently have a friend living on my couch who refuses to go home and see his family because their infestation is so bad that he's afraid he'll bring them here. The family has had an infestation for THREE YEARS, and has not called an exterminator. I can't imagine living with the little monsters for ANY length of time. And his family doesn't understand why he won't come over. The last time he went over there, for Thanksgiving dinner, he saw one crawling on his mom's arm. She didn't notice. The family seems to think "we haven't seen as many of them!" means my friend should relent and come over. Even though he told them he would not come over until they had called an exterminator and had the house sprayed at the very LEAST. (They did call an exterminator. He told them to clean the house, to prepare for spraying. When he came back, they had not done so. When he told them they had to, they got mad at him and threw him out of the house.) 


Sorry, ranting. Bedbugs... *shudder* I just can't imagine living with an infestation that long. 

Reminds me of a visit to ay at-the-time fiance's parents' apartment, when I was an undergraduate. His mother offered me a glass of water with a baby roach crawling along the rim. An experience like that stays with you if you're bug phobic. Bedbugs are many orders of magnitude worse than roaches. Personally I wouldn't have a houseguest who walked into an infested house, much less sat down for dinner. They can come home on shoes or clothing.
Oh yuck! I think that memory would stay with me as well.

That must have been an uncomfortable situation, to say the least!  I'm not bug phobic, but that scenario still would have stayed with me.  Eeewwww!! :/



I'm not particularly bug phobic, I've just heard too many things about bedbugs. (Though I doubt I'd have been particularly pleased by a roach on my glass.) And yeah... for a while my friend would go home, briefly, for one thing or another... and would stop, change clothes, and put the ones he'd worn inside in a bag, sealed, before he would even drive back to his place. His parents took his car away a couple of months ago so his brother could drive to work. When his brother got fired, my friend did not insist on the car being returned, simply because he could not assume the car was not now infected.
How long before he was an ex boyfriend?  Gross!



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